Michael got caught talking about The Pope- OMG!

“Thank you for your friendship and for your affection,” Pope Benedict XVI said in his final address Thursday. “I am no longer the pope.”

At 85 years old, he may not seem like the most entrepreneurial of men, and yet Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has become the most upstart figure in the Catholic Church. His decision, announced February 11, to step down due to his advanced age, shocked believers and Papal officials. But it also forced the ancient institution to do what every startup has been doing for generations: adapt or fade.

Career consultant Michael D. Brown applauds the pope emeritus’ move. “I applaud him for having some “steel” in his spine, humility, humanity and making the unconventional decision. I think this will pave the way for other clergy to fill OK with stepping aside when they feel it is no longer something they can be passionate about or give 100 percent. You can’t give 100 percent of something you are not passionate about—it’s best to move on a connect back to your passion.”

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