• In previous posts (week 9 and week 10) we have talked about the importance of keeping your personal brand fresh and updated.
  • I’d like to revisit this all-important part of personal branding and give you a simple acronym to incorporate into your brand development.
  • MISS: Mindset, Image, Skills, Substance
  • Mindset: having a mentality that focuses on freshness
    • Questions to gauge your mindset include: Are you keeping your mind sharp and focused throughout your daily activities? Are you constantly engaging with colleagues, bosses, friends, and strangers?
  • Image: projecting an aura of freshness to everyone you encounter
    • Questions to gauge your image include: Are your clothes neat, clean, and in style? Do you smile, shake hands firmly, and make eye contact? Do you use personalized letterhead on all correspondence?
  • Skills: having the goods to back up your fresh mindset and image
    • Questions to gauge your skills include: Are you taking advantage of professional development opportunities? Do you use personal time to research trends and developments that affect your career or industry?
  • Substance: having the character to make a truly worthwhile investment in yourself
    • Questions to gauge your substance include: Do you give your word and follow through at all costs? Do you always tell the truth, even when it is painful to do so? Do you maintain high ethical standards?
  • As you refine and freshen your personal brand over time, keep MISS in mind to avoid missing out on an excellent opportunity to be your best.


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