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Why are you so frustrated with negative experiences?

The most significant lessons you will learn in 2016 will erupt from the negative experiences and “bad” decisions you will make. There is no better teacher than experience and time. Learning from the mistakes and failures you made is essential in order to prevent yourself from repeating them. This will help you in developing wisdom and better decision making abilities. Unfortunately, there are many who fail to learn from their failures and mistakes – instead start dwelling on them and become frustrated. This is a proven recipe for you becoming derailed, lose sight of you goals and limit your success.

When faced with a negative experience, it is unwise to waste away your time dwelling on it as this only results in formation of negative thoughts which serve as a barrier in your journey to success. Negative thoughts discourage you from reaching your goals. It only leads you to lose confidence in yourself and damaging your personal brand. This is the reason you need to omit the negativity from your life. What is done is done. Learn from it and move on. There is so much good waiting for you ahead.

In 2016 it is critical that you banish out the negativity if you hope to build or enhance your competitive and winning personal brand. Omitting the negative does not happen by itself, you will need to make some effort to truly banish negativity from your life.


6.5 Fresh Steps to successfully dealing with negativity


The way in which you handle the negative aspects that come in your life is critical in accomplishing success. Here are 6.5 proven steps to accelerate your journey toward a negative free life:

  • Step 1 – Face the pain which comes in the way of your success but don’t let it consume you
  • Step 2 – Enjoy the pleasures life brings you but remember you can have too much of a good thing
  • Step 3 – Strive to be your best, but don’t let the pressures cloud you over and understand that you are human and bound to face hurdles and failures.
  • Step 4 – Learn to identify persecution in order to avoid it instead of succumbing to it
  • Step 5 – Placate yourself to be mentally prepared for negativity that comes your way
  • Step 6 – Preserve yourself through any negativity you face
  • Step 6.5 – Make it real and make it fresh by maintaining your commitment to omitting the negative from your life. Do just try this out for a week and revert to your old ways.

Negative experiences and negative thoughts have the power to cancel out the materialization of your goals if you let it. This will hinder all your efforts to reach your goals and to create a strong personal brand. Not learning from the negativity that comes in your life will prevent you from growing, limiting you from any potential skill development. Negative thinking is definitely more prevalent as compared to positive thinking. Positive thinking requires more effort since it involves facing your fears and stepping into the unknown while on the other hand it is easy to start believing that you aren’t capable enough to reach your ultimate goal, especially when you have experienced a hurdle or a failure.

PLEASE understand that failure and all the negativity you will face in your life is only lessons waiting to be learned. Stop dwelling on them and stop letting them consume you or else you will lose sight of your goals and your brand will suffer.




Omit the Negative from Your Life and Career and feel the difference


I don’t need to tell you that negativity surrounds you in this world. Even emanating from your friends, family and colleagues, it is all around. Your responsibility is to not waste your precious time and resources dealing with negativity. Remember, you are building a foundation that will lead to a stellar job or career with opportunities for enhancement, a thriving business, a new venture, or perhaps even the chance to be your own boss. Omitting the negative will be an extremely useful skill that you should carry with you throughout your professional and personal life.

When you encounter a negative experience – learn from it. Don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on it, you don’t need to let it consume valuable real estate in your head; you have so much more ahead of you.

Of course, you must realize that there will inevitably be negatives that come your way, and omitting them will not always be an easy task. In particular, you will have to successfully deal with the dreaded “P4” – Pain, Pleasure, Pressure and Persecution. On this journey to personal and professional success you will have to deal with these four major obstacles and your challenge will be to not let any of this derail you. P4’s have a strong potential to have a negative impact, and the way in which you tackle and overcome these potential derailments is critical to your obtaining and sustaining success.

Remember, you must go through each aspect of P4 to learn from them, but don’t let them lead you, consume you or cause you to lose focus. You will need to omit these potential negatives both proactively and reactively. Find the lessons that all this negativity can teach you and use them to write the next successful chapter. Do it right, and pretty soon you will be experiencing exponential personal and professional success.

Think about omitting the negative in healthcare terms for a moment. Obviously, allowing yourself to become consumed with negative thoughts and attitudes is detrimental to mental health. Excessive focus on negative thoughts and emotions can lead to stress, exhaustion, and even addiction and depression, which as sadly illustrated by the recent untimely death of comedian Robin Williams can have fatal consequences. And don’t forget how tightly connected the mind and body are – a mind dominated by negativity will produce physical problems ranging from problems with digestion and posture to more serious ailments and diseases. Your brand health suffers as much as your physical health from negativity, and omitting it is just as important for a healthy career as it is for a healthy life.




  • You can choose where you want to work, what you want to do with your life, and how you want to get there, but you cannot choose who you will be working alongside once you get there.
  • You are going to encounter negative people along the way, but you can equip yourself to deal with them in such a way that you actually benefit from the experience.
  • Below are some common negative experiences you may run into in your professional life and the benefits you stand to gain from handling them well.
    • The tyrannical boss: Teaches you how to stay on your toes and deliver results in the most difficult of circumstances
    • Lazy coworkers: Force you to shoulder larger workloads than you thought you could handle, and therefore increase your bandwidth for future projects and positions
    • Overly demanding customers: Instill in you reserves of patience and diplomacy you never knew you possessed, which will continue to serve you as you progress in your profession
  • What negativity have you encountered at work? Were you able to turn it into a positive? Share your experiences below.


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