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There is no need to reiterate that your brand is your identity. However, maintaining this identity in the rapidly changing market trends could be very challenging. You may already be following the latest branding trends in 2016; however, those few old school branding strategies that are still a part of your marketing campaign may not be as effective today. Here are some old school branding strategies that you should get rid of as soon as possible.

  1. Branding is More than Just Taglines and Logos

The concept of rebranding previously revolved around redesigning your logo and introducing a new tagline. However, the introduction of social media and the transfer of advertising and public communication from hoardings, billboards, and TVCs to social networking sites have redefined the concept of branding. Now, the brand image depends on market reputation and customer feedback more than just taglines and logos.

  1. Branding Without Social Media Content Marketing

Social media content marketing has offered countless opportunities to multinational corporations. Some of the opportunities include sending the same message in a variety of ways, introducing new products to global audiences, creating a brand image, and gathering customer feedback. If social media content marketing is not included in your branding strategy, then it is time to review it.

  1. Relying on Inconsistency

One of the most common branding trends back in the day was to introduce something unique and different to get noticed. However, establishing or expanding your customer base primarily depends on consistency-based marketing strategies today. For example, Nike promises comfort and has introduced a wide range of shoes adhering to health problems.

Consistency is essential to build familiarity with the brand and establish loyal customer bases.

  1. Skimping on the Marketing Budget

Branding is the strongest tool for your business in competitive markets. Therefore, skimping on the marketing budget to save on the production costs is a mistake that could cost you a fortune.

  1. Using Inappropriate Graphics and Virtual Mistakes

Designing a non-vector logo, using irrelevant colors on your website, and using a website that is not mobile-optimized are some virtual world mistakes that may make you lose your leads. Going an extra mile to hire a professional website developer or graphic designer is definitely worth the effort.

  1. Prioritizing Products over Customer Services

While Wal-Mart introduced the concept ‘Customer is Always Right’; however, many companies continue to make the mistake of prioritizing their products over customer services. In present world, the power of a brand lies in its satisfactory customer services. Training your customer service representatives and establishing online customer response centers are the initial steps you need to take while remodeling your brand strategy.

  1. Not Associating the Brand with Human Emotions and Needs

Note that luxury is no longer an effective branding ingredient as it used to be. Human emotions and needs are now directly or indirectly associated with monetary terms like time and cost-effective shopping deals. You need to humanize your brand by associating it with human emotions and needs while remodeling your brand strategy.

In addition to avoiding these outdated strategies, make sure that you roll out rebranding ideas while keeping your customers informed. After all, an ‘informed customer is always right!’




Branding has long been associated with companies; now though, each individual has their own personal brand. It isn’t a question of whether you have a personal brand, but more about how you are cultivating and guiding your brand to become a strong and impressive one. Your personal brand helps you in planning out your future on the basis of what you want to accomplish. However, since the majority realizes the significance of personal branding, there is an increasing need to add a little touch of freshness to your brand to highlight the uniqueness.

You should provide a promise of added value to convince others that you can offer more as compared to others. Through utilizing different strategies, you can enhance your personal image, create trust, increase leads, and hence, enhance revenues. When it comes to personal branding, there are many mistakes people make that prevent them from nailing their brand and making a mark.

Common Mistakes in Personal Branding

Some of the most common mistakes include:

  • Being inconsistent in personal branding
  • Limiting use of different social channels
  • Trying to do everything on your own
  • Not opting for collaboration with others
  • Copying others
  • Not offering anything fresh and unique

Ways to Make Your Personal Brand a Unique One

Here are a few things you need to pump up your personal brand:

  • Start thinking differently – it is essential to be bold and innovative when you encounter a problem.
  • Be different – separate yourself from the people doing average work in an average way; start doing more and making more by offering something unique.
  • Begin performing differently – break away from the usual patterns and processes. Get noticed by opting for different processes.
  • Perceive differently – start seeing a new task or a client as an opportunity instead of a problem like the others.
  • Brand yourself differently – once you start thinking, being, performing, and perceiving differently, your brand will automatically evolve and become different from the rest.

But how exactly do you think, be, perform, and see differently? This will become easy when you take on a fresh approach for your personal brand. Here are some competitive steps through which you can achieve freshness for your personal branding. These steps include:

  • Establishing a well maintained network and refreshing it by incorporating influential people.
  • Determine three most influential individuals in your industry that you want to follow.
  • Start researching about the ways successful individuals stay fresh and ahead of the game.
  • Begin implementing five new and fresh steps in your daily routine.
  • Sign up for RSS feeds.
  • Start supporting technology to become an expert.
  • Ensure that you keep everything real and fresh.

It is highly important for your personal brand to exhibit freshness to stand out from the crowd. Employers and partners look for individuals offering something different, who are updated about the latest trends in the industry, have honed their skills, and offer an impressive overall package. This indicates that it is significant that you add freshness in your personal brand to gain a competitive edge.