Yes, the three second rule applies to you

How Healthy Is Your Vigor?

To stay fully invigorated at all times, you must constantly check up on yourself to make sure you are truly operating at peak levels of energy and enthusiasm. Following is a test to help determine whether your level of vigor is healthy, merely adequate or in need of a refill. Rate how strongly you agree that each of the following fresh statements applies to you today from 1-5, with 1 equaling strongly disagree and 5 equaling strongly agree:


1. I clearly understand what the professional standards are for my industry, company, business and organization.

2. My three-second impression is in alignment with how I want to be viewed.

3. My energy level and enthusiasm is high.

4. I am generally an invigorated person.

5. I know what makes me happy.

6. I frequently inject something fun into my day, week, month, and year.

6.5. I know how others view me within the first three seconds.


Now that you’ve taken the test, let’s analyze your score:

If you scored from 7 to 13, your vigor is anemic. You lack enthusiasm for building your brand or reaching your aspirations. Since achieving any type of success requires vigor, you probably frequently experience failure, which saps your energy even further, creating a vicious downward cycle. Break the cycle today! Go back and read this article again, and start implementing its advice. You won’t completely change overnight, but if you apply genuine passion and determination toward building your brand and realizing your aspirations, you will be surprised by how fast you start to see incremental improvements.

If you scored from 14 to 20, your vigor is low. As opposed to someone who is truly apathetic, you at least have goals for your brand and your aspirations in mind, but lack the vigor to pursue them in any real way. Your mindset may be a little healthier than that of your apathetic colleagues, but your results will not likely be much better. You should also give this article a second look and try to make some positive changes based on what you read.

If you scored from 21 to 26, your vigor is adequate. Beyond merely holding goals, you possess some genuine energy and gumption to meet them. But your commitment to achieving true success is still suspect. You are probably willing to take shortcuts and accept results that are “pretty good” or “not perfect but close.” You have what it takes to meet a portion of your personal and professional potential, but you’re leaving a lot of achievable success on the table.

If you scored from 27 to 33, your vigor is strong. You have a great deal of energy to dedicate to building your brand and realizing your aspirations, and also a lot of genuine passion to follow all the necessary steps and hold out for full results. But true success is still a long way off, and there are many chances to stumble and fall before you obtain it.

If you scored a 34 or 35, your vigor is all-encompassing. Every ounce of physical and mental energy at your disposal is committed to building your brand and achieving your aspirations, and you have enough energy to power a small city. You match that energy with boundless passion that allows you to focus with laser intensity on everything you need to do to maximize your full potential. Everyone around you senses your vigor, and it is contagious.