• Like any established and recognizable brand, you will want to create a meaningful logo that serves as the visual identifier of your personal brand.

  • Before you begin, make sure you’ve fleshed out your personal brand so that you can accurately convey that branding message with your logo.

  • As you design your logo, keep the following tips in mind:

    • Keep it simple and clean.

    • Avoid confusing visuals.

    • Make sure it is scalable so that it works just as well in small print as it does in very large print.

    • Don’t use generic images, such as clip art.

    • Make your logo timeless, not trendy.

    • Choose something memorable so people don’t forget your logo.

  • Run logo options by your Branding Board of Advisors to get their input.

  • Once your design is final, invest in some nice stationery and business cards with your name and logo. You will use these for business correspondence and networking.

  • What tips do you have to share about logo development?


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