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Social Media

Not having an active presence on major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest today is like not having a website 10 years ago. It marks your brand as behind the times and cuts you off from a valuable means of interacting with customers.

Social media is a great way to collect customer feedback, let your customers build a community around your brand, services and products, and communicate in a more personal and informal way. Savvy companies engage in “social listening,” or monitoring social media networks for commentary about your brand to detect positive and negative consumer trends and respond in a timely and appropriate manner. Many technology companies provide software or hosted services to manage social listening.

The same rules about carefully monitoring everything you do and say apply to social media as apply to regular websites or email. In addition, you need to understand that each social media platform has a different purpose. Facebook is good for registering and rewarding fans, Twitter is good for making short, timely announcements, LinkedIn is good for presenting a professional image and for recruiting employees, Instagram and YouTube let you visually represent your company, and Pinterest is where you and your customers can demonstrate how your goods and products can be used in daily life.


The average video gamer is a college-aged professional in their mid-30s. The days of the bored teen slumped on the couch playing video games instead of doing homework are long over. A good chunk of your brand’s customer base probably plays video games, and your brand needs to adapt.

Gamification is the increasingly popular practice of applying video game dynamics and contest strategies to online interactions with customers. For example, you could run a contest for customers to post photos of themselves with your product online, with the public invited to vote on the best photos (with prizes, of course). Or customers registering for an online service could have the option of doing so through a mini-video game.

Customers of all ages and professions live in a world of instant gratification and constant entertainment, largely due to the pervasiveness of technology. Your brand should engage with them in kind.

I have long been a proponent of “Fresh Customer Service,” or putting your employees first and customers second to ensure a customer experience that maximizes satisfaction and repeat visits, ensuring higher sales. And I still stand behind it. But the way customers engage with your brand is changing due to technology, and you need to use the same technology to change how you engage with them.

I’d like to briefly review a few ways you can use cutting-edge technology to ensure that your brand is engaging customers in the way they want to be engaged, with personal and professional success as a result.

Mobile Devices

Consumers of all ages are now “constantly connected,” using smartphones, tablet computers and even smart watches to maintain Internet access everywhere they go. Especially among younger consumers, there is a sense that the “virtual” and “physical” worlds are blended, with the mobile device serving as a continual bridge between the digital realm and everyday life.

You must respond by offering your customers the same experience through their mobile devices as you do in your physical place of business or PC-based website. Responsive design is a Web development strategy that lets you develop your customer website with a single code base and have it automatically optimize itself for whatever device accesses it. No more clunky or incomplete mobile websites!

In addition, customer-facing employees should be armed with mobile devices and well-trained in how to use them to immediately respond to customer requests for information, alternate sources of goods and services, etc. Modern customers will not wait for an employee to run and check on something, they want the answer immediately!