Fire in Sells

Businesses today are more than just sales and profits. They are about building strong relationships with your customers and putting in every effort to retain them. In today’s world, customer service has to be pitch-perfect if the goal is to establish strong relationships with customers. Developing a strong customers service team, you need to be efficient and better than your competition. If customer feedback is an up and down road for your company, this may be an indicator that your customer service needs a tweak or major overhaul.

    1. Customer calls

Just because a customer calls with a concern doesn’t mean you are providing bad customer service. In fact, customers who call are doing so because they trust your customer service can help. However, if your customer service is poor when a customer calls, or your company does not respond to fix the problem you may find yourself in catch-up mode to provide a good customer experience.

    1. Discounts and promotional offers aren’t bringing in more sales

If your promotional sales and discounts go unnoticed or unused, it’s a red flag that there may be something wrong with your product. Such disengagement from your customers toward your product or service must be resolved if you wish to retain your existing clientele.

    1. You have a difficult time retaining customers

Losing a loyal customer is more than just losing sales. It’s about losing someone who initially trusted and chose you to facilitate them. A loyal customer is one who was confident in providing quality feedback. If you fail to retain loyal customers, you are losing more than you think.

    1. Your employees aren’t trained for the job

If your first-contact staff isn’t well trained or empowered to handle basic concerns, your customer service may have problematic holes. Customers don’t enjoy explaining their concern to multiple customer service employees. Unless you wish to hand your customers to your competitors, take the time to train your employees.

    1. You hardly get any referrals

A wise man once said, “Satisfied customers buy from you, but delighted customers sell for you.” If your existing customers aren’t satisfied with your services, they will not only stop buying from you but also stop others from doing so. Customer referral is a sole indicator which clearly depicts where a business stands regarding customer satisfaction.

    1. Your ignorance isn’t bliss

Another sign that your customer service is in need of help is when you are ignoring what the customers want and instead pressuring them to try more services and products. Not only does this agitate your customer, but it also mentally prepares him never to reach out to you again. If someone is in need, give them what they want even if it is a refund or cancellation.

6.5 There aren’t enough complaints against you

At first glance, it may seem like a good sign that your phone isn’t always buzzing with complaints – suggesting your product or services satisfy your customers. But that is not always the case. While many customers do complain, many more don’t, resulting in customers walking away without you realizing there is a problem. Validating customer experiences through follow-up calls and feedback requests are a great way to stay on top of underlying issues customers aren’t reporting.