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customer value

‘Customer is always right’ is probably one of the most common clichés in the history of consumer services. Apple’s customer services are always regarded as extraordinary and exemplary. However, the brand has to go several extra miles to achieve this success.

Following are some easy and quick ways to give value to your customers and show them that they are always right.

  1. Establish Customer Support System

Many brands design their personal apps for convenient communication with the customers. The apps anticipate the customer queries and automate the brand responsiveness.

  1. Share Information with Your Customers

Most of the brands share positive updates and brand progress with their customers. Asking for ideas and opinions of the customers not only helps generate great customer feedback but it also makes the customers feel valued. Social media, emails, and short service messages are good sources for sending out the information to your customers.

  1. Include the Customer-Favorite Phrases in Your CSR Policy

While training your social media and customer service representatives, make sure to educate them about the customer-favorite phrases. Some of the phrases include these.

  • I can surely solve this problem.
  • How can I help you?
  • Don’t worry! I will take care of this problem.
  • I am taking the responsibility of this problem.
  • It will be definitely according to your requirement/demand.
  • I really appreciate your responsibility.

When customers issue their problems, they expect you to solve them at any cost. Phrases like but, however, I guess, and such create a negative impact. If you feel that you may not be able to solve the issue then don’t say ‘I can’t’. You can address such problems in a different way.

For example, ‘I am sure I will solve this very soon. For best services, I request you to give me a little time to sort this out.’

  1. Let Customers Know When You Do More

You might already be marketing your services and appreciating your employees. However, it is highly important to let your customers know when you are going an extra mile for them. The key is to make your customers realize that you are the ‘one’ who will do extra to provide excellent services in a competitive market.

  1. Surprise Your Customers

An old an inactive customer would love to receive a hand-written note from your brand. Similarly, giving gifts with celebrity signatures is also an expression of gratitude. The customers love to see your brand personalized for them and feel valued.

Along with these tips, never say ‘no’ to a customer. Keep the options open to make the customer realize that they are always right.

attract customers

Nowadays, businesses are more inclined towards giving their branding strategies a personalized touch, as personal branding has proved to be an excellent way to attract customers and boost sales. Personal branding comes with a few keystrokes purposed to switch a job or profession, seeking promotion or new clients, or attracting new customers. Personalizing your brand helps retain your existing customers, along with attracting new ones. Here are some tips in this regard.

Use Social Media to Build an Image Like a Pro

Your online brand presence greatly depends on your social media communication strategies, as they must focus on establishing a positive public image. For example, posting videos like public speaking helps establish a leader’s image. Similarly, sharing your personal life on social networks like Facebook and Twitter helps build the public’s trust in you.

Communicate Directly

Giving value to your customers and clients strengthens the foundations of your personal brand. Direct communication includes relating your personal brand with your customers, their cultures, and stereotypes.

  • In order to relate with the customers, post your social media comments and views by individualizing the customers. For example, “The respectful citizens of…”.
  • There are a number of ways to relate with the cultures. Angelina Jolie wears the traditional clothes of the countries she visits. Justin Trudeau celebrates the special occasions and traditions with people belonging to different cultures and posts the pictures on social media. Customize your messages according to the occasions, traditions, cultures, accomplishments, and people.
  • In order to relate with the victims of stereotyping, you can raise your voice against such social stereotypes.

Share Authentically

While Roger Ebert was fighting his crippling cancer, he was also consumed with fear over losing his battle. He won more public trust and love when he started sharing his fear with the public because of his authenticity and honesty. The act of sharing aspects of your personal life including happiness, accomplishments, fears, vulnerabilities, and such creates a bond between you and the customers.

Hire a Social Media Publicist and Visual Artist

A social media publicist is a professional who helps you co-create your personal brand. The specialty of a social media publicist lies in the fact that they help craft a public image based on how you want the world to see you. The effectiveness of their services increase when you hire a visual artist – a professional who knows the tactics of adding impact and emotion to simple images.

The combined effect of both, helps you design text and visual content that is imperative for building positive digital persona, attracting customers, and associating your personal brand with the audiences.

Establish a Direct Network

You can use platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to establish direct networking channels. The customers feel bonded with personal brands when they realize that their message directly approaches the brands. Make sure to always be available for advice and help. Be prepared to respond to clients individually.

Apart from these tips, try to maintain online and offline integrity and keep yourself safe from negative imagery. The content of the text and the body language displayed in the pictures should always align with the image you wish to convey. You should always be positive and open with your customers.

customer relations management

The customer relationship managers influence your relationship with the customers more than the taglines. They need to achieve their goals including retaining the established customer base, attracting new customers, persuading the customers to buy your products or render the services and conjuring them to transform into brand ambassadors and spread the word. Effective and timely problem resolution and excellent communication skills are the keys to excellent and satisfactory customer services.

However, you also need to include the following customer relations management skills when recruiting the employees or training and monitoring them.

Direct Marketing Skills

Improving your sales conversion rate is highly crucial to boost sales, expand customer base, and improve brand reputation in the market. Your organization spends time and money on the customers, and for boosting your Return on Investment, the customer relations manager needs to keep an eye on the sales conversion rate. The customer service representatives should be able to directly market your services and products while theconsuming the least possible time.

The Ability to Make Connections

The process of converting the prospects into customers requires exclusivity in establishing warm connections with friendly prospects as well as cold leads. Sometimes, a prospect may be friendly but unwilling to convert into a customer. Following are the two capabilities crucial to make connections.

  • The power of persuasion
  • The ability to motivate the prospects to climb up the ladder step-by-step

You may already be aware of the power of persuasion. The latter refers to a systematic process, essentially required to transform the ‘cold prospects.’ It includes:

  • Generating responses and callbacks in the first meeting
  • Inviting prospects to corporate events
  • Persuasive conversions with direct marketing

Skills of Establishing a Sales Funnel

Retaining your established customers along, with constantly adding new customers in your customer base, is critical for the growth of your business. This process is called creating customers. You need the knowledge and understanding of a sales funnel to create customers.

The sales funnel looks like a hierarchy with Leads on the top, Prospects in the middle, and Customers at the bottom of the hierarchy.

The first step is to attract leads. The sales process revolves around awareness and education about your brand, purchase evaluation, engagement of the customers, commitment of the engaged customers, purchase process, and converting the shoppers into repeat customers. A customer relations manager with a good understanding of the sales funnel is nothing less than an asset to your organization.

Entrepreneurship and Ambassadorship

The customer relations manager should be able to identify and mobilize the resources in order to convert the right people into leads and customers. The manager should be able to establish strong networks inside and outside the organization. The managers should have extensive knowledge of the products and services offered by the firm, along with the ability to establish a relation with the right type of offerings.

The customer relations managers can prove to be an invaluable organizational asset, useful for your business growth and expanding the customer base.

Keeping Customers Happy

As a bitter reality, a hundred good customer reviews do not make the headlines but only one poor review could devastate your successfully growing business.

Chipotle has recently been in the news for its customer services. The poor customer reviews have dropped its recommendation scores by 17 points at YouGov BrandIndex. Chipotle was hovering at 84 recommended score before. Different customer queries brought important issues to light including the rude behavior of customer service representatives, unhygienic service, and such, which resulted in this downfall. According to a recent Bloomberg’s report, Chipotle’s sales have decreased by $10.3 million in the last quarter due to various cases of food poisoning, most of them occurred with Burrito buyers. Chipotle’s  slow reaction to this issue deepened the decline in it’s financial performance and brand reputation.

Here are some secret weapons to avoid customer service failure like Chipotle and keep your loyal customers happy.

Communicate Genuinely and Rightly

Loyal customers are the assets of a brand. According to the Forrester research, around 64% of the brands receive average or poor feedback from their customers. Another report claims that 37% of the customers are willing to pay extra for better customer services. This means that with poor customer services, your business may lose 37% of the customers.

The brands need to listen and evaluate the customer needs in order to address them. It is equally important for the customer service representatives and brands to accommodate the customer needs.

Genuine communication refers to utilizing all the types of resources to communicate with your customers at the right time. Attending events and exhibitions, quickly responding to customers’ queries on social media, and respecting your customers are a few tips to communicate genuinely with the customers.

Value them to the Point of Satisfaction

The brands lose their loyal customers when the customers become dissatisfied. When you lose a loyal customer, one brick of your business’s success is taken down. Therefore, it is highly important to keep your customers satisfied to retain them. There are two ways to achieve satisfaction.

  1. Resolve the problem to satisfy the customer
  2. Keep the customer hooked up until the problem is resolved

Add Personal Touch to Every Relation

Adding a personal touch makes the customers feel valued. For this, you need to communicate with the customers often and associate with them in a variety of ways. For example, send them cards on important events like birthdays and Christmas. Offer deals on special days like Mother’s Day.

Do Not Over-Promise

As explained earlier, you need to reach the point of satisfaction to retain the loyal customers. If you set the targets too high, the customers’ satisfactory needs will also rise up to that level. Be rationaland set realistic expectations only.

Show Gratitude

A positive attitude of the business towards customers is one of the important building blocks of long-term relationships. Your positive attitude includes:

  • Responsible problem resolution
  • Expression of customer value

The latter type includes saying thank you, expressing kindness, and expressing gratitude that makes the customers valued and establishes long-term relations.

Equip your brand and customer service representatives with these weapons to retain your loyal customers, establish positive brand reputation, and expand your business and customer base.


We all have a personal brand within our organization. Our personal brand is the set of values, work ethics, and personality traits associated with you in the perspective of others. We all have a brand while we are on-duty. We cannot be who we are in our free time while we are in office so we create a personality which fits better in office cultures. Sometimes the image we create ends up making us stagnate in our office. Promotions might go by, news might miss you, and you will be wondering what went wrong. If you are feeling that you are not considered competitive within your company look at the 5 ways you can tell for sure if it is happening.

1) You don’t get Problems to Solve Anymore

You might love the fact that your job is stress free since your work is simplified but complexity of work is often the best sign of people thinking you are competitive. When you are the best in the company you are assigned the toughest work. The better you are the worse issues you will be dealing with. When things go really bad the upper management always finds the person they trust the most to fix things. If you haven’t been given any such problems to solve in a long time it might be time to seek why.

2) You are no Longer in the Loop

When you are considered competitive you will know what is going on in the office. Even people who are not in an executive or upper management position often know about upcoming changes. This is because most managers confide in the employees they trust the most. If a big change occurs at your office and it appears that you were one of the few people who did not know the change was going to happen it is a bad sign.

3) People Check in on You

If you are asked many follow up questions about the tasks assigned to you it may be a sign that upper management might not have their full trust in you. When upper managers are worried that someone might not be fully up to the task they will check in on progress again and again. Do note that it is possible that the person asking too many questions might just be a micro manager.

4) Your Increments have slowed down

This is the biggest sign that there has been a change in perception about you. If the company is doing just as well as it was doing last year but the increase in your salary is less that it was last year. This means the company no longer has as much of a positive image of you as it did the last year.

5) You don’t get improvement projects

What was the last change you led in the office? When was the last time you were asked to take an initiative to improve the quality or productivity level of the people around you? When upper management thinks your personal brand is great they want to focus on you as the leader. They will give you committees, projects, meetings, and more in order to promote the type of attitude you have.

Note that while these show that your personal brand is not as competitive as it once was, you will only experience these if you were once competitive. The fact that you are still employed means that people still have faith in you. You just need to rework your brand and show some initiative to change your perception.

bradndng strategy

There is no need to reiterate that your brand is your identity. However, maintaining this identity in the rapidly changing market trends could be very challenging. You may already be following the latest branding trends in 2016; however, those few old school branding strategies that are still a part of your marketing campaign may not be as effective today. Here are some old school branding strategies that you should get rid of as soon as possible.

  1. Branding is More than Just Taglines and Logos

The concept of rebranding previously revolved around redesigning your logo and introducing a new tagline. However, the introduction of social media and the transfer of advertising and public communication from hoardings, billboards, and TVCs to social networking sites have redefined the concept of branding. Now, the brand image depends on market reputation and customer feedback more than just taglines and logos.

  1. Branding Without Social Media Content Marketing

Social media content marketing has offered countless opportunities to multinational corporations. Some of the opportunities include sending the same message in a variety of ways, introducing new products to global audiences, creating a brand image, and gathering customer feedback. If social media content marketing is not included in your branding strategy, then it is time to review it.

  1. Relying on Inconsistency

One of the most common branding trends back in the day was to introduce something unique and different to get noticed. However, establishing or expanding your customer base primarily depends on consistency-based marketing strategies today. For example, Nike promises comfort and has introduced a wide range of shoes adhering to health problems.

Consistency is essential to build familiarity with the brand and establish loyal customer bases.

  1. Skimping on the Marketing Budget

Branding is the strongest tool for your business in competitive markets. Therefore, skimping on the marketing budget to save on the production costs is a mistake that could cost you a fortune.

  1. Using Inappropriate Graphics and Virtual Mistakes

Designing a non-vector logo, using irrelevant colors on your website, and using a website that is not mobile-optimized are some virtual world mistakes that may make you lose your leads. Going an extra mile to hire a professional website developer or graphic designer is definitely worth the effort.

  1. Prioritizing Products over Customer Services

While Wal-Mart introduced the concept ‘Customer is Always Right’; however, many companies continue to make the mistake of prioritizing their products over customer services. In present world, the power of a brand lies in its satisfactory customer services. Training your customer service representatives and establishing online customer response centers are the initial steps you need to take while remodeling your brand strategy.

  1. Not Associating the Brand with Human Emotions and Needs

Note that luxury is no longer an effective branding ingredient as it used to be. Human emotions and needs are now directly or indirectly associated with monetary terms like time and cost-effective shopping deals. You need to humanize your brand by associating it with human emotions and needs while remodeling your brand strategy.

In addition to avoiding these outdated strategies, make sure that you roll out rebranding ideas while keeping your customers informed. After all, an ‘informed customer is always right!’




In the third quarter of 2015, Hewlett-Packard laid off 10% of its employees, cutting 30,000 jobs in the workforce. According to the Fortune report, most of the layoffs have been reported in customer service and consulting and call center departments. According to HP’s CEO, Meg Whitman, the company may continue firing employees as it moves forward. Whitman took charge in 2011 and since then, the company has downsized by almost 88,000 jobs.

However, if you are also planning to cut jobs like HP, then have a look on these possible side effects.

Loss of Market Credibility

Downsizing is never a desired option for companies. However, the pitfalls of downsizing are way bigger and more today than in the past. As private organizations are choosing ‘blind recruitment’ and ‘recruitment without a university degree’ techniques for hiring new employees, downsizing your customer services could badly affect not only your customers but also your talent pool. This phenomenon could lead to shortage of talent for your company.

Loss of Customers’ Loyalty

You might have spent thousands of dollars to win customers’ loyalty, but cutting thousands of jobs from customer service could result in loss of loyal customers. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the customers start believing that your company is living on the edge and may not survive in the long run. Secondly, your brand starts losing its positive market reputation.

Instability in the Services

One of the most obvious pitfalls of cutting jobs in customer services is instability in the services. Laying off employees to manage your budgetary concerns may lead to reduced services on the scale. You may easily lose your customers if you fail to provide need-based services. Ultimately, the loss of customers will lead to reduced profits. In contrast, downsizing due to shrinking customer base is ideal to maintain your budget.

Weighing the Pros of Downsizing with Cons

Most of the people believe that financial restrictions are solely responsible for downsizing. However, there are numerous reasons for downsizing a company that sometimes lead to effective, productive and better customer services. Some other reasons of downsizing include:

  • Decreased customer base
  • Mismanagement due to imbalanced managerial and employee ratio
  • Reorganizing workforce to improve efficiency
  • Converting employee based organization into a leaner, better-managed enterprise
  • Switching jobs by downsizing one department and expanding the other
  • Shuffling resources by saving on recruitment and service costs to invest the money in productivity costs

When a company downsizes for a specific goal, it is called reengineering or reorganizing, and this is exactly what HP did. The concept of strategic downsizing evolved in 1980s. However, it is essential to remember that your company may suffer miserably if your strategic downsizing plan is miscalculated, or if it fails.


In 2015, the brands became more particular about qualitative, authentic, and low-cost branding solutions. However, 2016 could be an entirely different year as small business market will expand and large businesses may introduce unique branding policies to compete with the 97% small business sector on the corporate sky. Survival in this highly competitive corporate infrastructure is nothing less than surviving an apocalypse. However, with these little-known branding strategies, you will not only survive but will also flourish and grow.

  1. Add Authenticity with Human Emotions

Modern corporate sector requires businesses to morph into people-driven enterprises with more tangibility and greater authenticity. For achieving this goal, you need to improve direct communication strategies using all types of media, primarily social media content marketing.

  1. Becoming Memorable with Consistency

You need to convert your brand into a personality if you want it to be communicative and expressive to the customers. Communicative brands tend to have bigger and versatile customer base along with increasing number of loyal customers with every sunrise. Associate your brand with the human emotion of need and use the association to define your brand personality consistently afterwards. This way, your brand will automatically become memorable for generations.

  1. Targeting Foreseen Human Needs

When planning the human-brand association, you need to target foreseen human needs, which may become the ladder to success for your brand for upcoming years and decades. For example, purchasing a house has become one of the hardest financial goals in today’s market. However, the need of lucrative privacy is also undeniable. If you are a real estate brand then choose lucrative privacy and cost-effectiveness as your brand’s USP.

  1. Partnering Strategically

2016 is definitely the year of partnerships. Currently, small businesses are partnering with each other to share profits and losses and expand customer base globally. This type of strategic partnering is effective for cross-promotional activities. On the other hand, if you want your business to join the big business league then franchising with multinational corporations is effective.

  1. Sponsoring Sports

The increasing interest of corporate sector in sports is not surprising at all, if compared with the benefits. Instead of limiting your sponsorships to soccer leagues, think about sponsoring regional marathons also. Sponsoring sports not only make your brand a news material but it also helps gain public interest and encourages interactive participation.

  1. Adding Visual or Verbal Uniqueness to Your Brand

Just as you see the swoosh sign, you think of Nike. However, the impact of logos is now shifted to visual imagery and verbal uniqueness. You can choose a specific voice for your brand or associate your brand with specific visualization, for example, natural elements.

  1. Making Your Brand a Customer’s Pet

The term brand ego is no longer used in the industry. Making your brand a customers’ pet refers to defining your customer needs, gathering customer feedback, and rebranding or crafting your brand according to those needs. Simply put, it refers to making your brand effectively relevant to the customers.

Above all, exposing your brand to global audiences is vital for the growth of your brand. For achieving this goal, go social and shine on the social media!

A large percentage of college graduates find themselves graduating into poverty, and moving back home with their parents in horrified disbelief that they are still eating Ramen noodles and cannot find a job that requires a high school diploma, let alone a college degree. One of the main reasons students experience this unfortunate introduction to the real world is because they are among the millions of generic college graduates who have done little or nothing to distinguish themselves during the “Dash Period”—the time they have between freshman and senior year to brand themselves. Through this signature work, Michael D. Brown has prevented thousands of students from graduating into poverty by helping them develop thriving and competitive personal brands that are empowered and equipped to achieve exponential personal and professional success.

Negative Experiences


Why are you so frustrated with negative experiences?

The most significant lessons you will learn in 2016 will erupt from the negative experiences and “bad” decisions you will make. There is no better teacher than experience and time. Learning from the mistakes and failures you made is essential in order to prevent yourself from repeating them. This will help you in developing wisdom and better decision making abilities. Unfortunately, there are many who fail to learn from their failures and mistakes – instead start dwelling on them and become frustrated. This is a proven recipe for you becoming derailed, lose sight of you goals and limit your success.

When faced with a negative experience, it is unwise to waste away your time dwelling on it as this only results in formation of negative thoughts which serve as a barrier in your journey to success. Negative thoughts discourage you from reaching your goals. It only leads you to lose confidence in yourself and damaging your personal brand. This is the reason you need to omit the negativity from your life. What is done is done. Learn from it and move on. There is so much good waiting for you ahead.

In 2016 it is critical that you banish out the negativity if you hope to build or enhance your competitive and winning personal brand. Omitting the negative does not happen by itself, you will need to make some effort to truly banish negativity from your life.


6.5 Fresh Steps to successfully dealing with negativity


The way in which you handle the negative aspects that come in your life is critical in accomplishing success. Here are 6.5 proven steps to accelerate your journey toward a negative free life:

  • Step 1 – Face the pain which comes in the way of your success but don’t let it consume you
  • Step 2 – Enjoy the pleasures life brings you but remember you can have too much of a good thing
  • Step 3 – Strive to be your best, but don’t let the pressures cloud you over and understand that you are human and bound to face hurdles and failures.
  • Step 4 – Learn to identify persecution in order to avoid it instead of succumbing to it
  • Step 5 – Placate yourself to be mentally prepared for negativity that comes your way
  • Step 6 – Preserve yourself through any negativity you face
  • Step 6.5 – Make it real and make it fresh by maintaining your commitment to omitting the negative from your life. Do just try this out for a week and revert to your old ways.

Negative experiences and negative thoughts have the power to cancel out the materialization of your goals if you let it. This will hinder all your efforts to reach your goals and to create a strong personal brand. Not learning from the negativity that comes in your life will prevent you from growing, limiting you from any potential skill development. Negative thinking is definitely more prevalent as compared to positive thinking. Positive thinking requires more effort since it involves facing your fears and stepping into the unknown while on the other hand it is easy to start believing that you aren’t capable enough to reach your ultimate goal, especially when you have experienced a hurdle or a failure.

PLEASE understand that failure and all the negativity you will face in your life is only lessons waiting to be learned. Stop dwelling on them and stop letting them consume you or else you will lose sight of your goals and your brand will suffer.