How to Avoid Brand Scares

Part 1

Okay, so let’s say you have fully developed and nailed your personal brand. It is based on your aspiration, receives your laser focus, and you are selling it like crazy. You are enjoying exponential success and are widely known and respected as a leader in your field of branded expertise. Time to sit back and relax? Hardly.

Halloween is an apt season to remind everyone that even the very best brands still need to actively guard themselves against the “ghouls and goblins” of negative publicity that lurk in the shadows. Especially in this age of mobile devices and social networks that literally allow a single person to communicate with thousands or even millions of people across the globe from virtually any location, one disgruntled customer can cause your brand serious damage. And even  if you are not providing/selling a product or service to “customers” per se, your brand is likely to be presented, experienced and benefitted by either an external customer (boss, colleagues, your direct staff), external customer or both.

Also we live in highly litigious age where people file lawsuits for the most trivial of reasons. And even if a lawsuit is thrown out of court before it can be heard, publicity that someone tried to sue you, no matter how unreasonable the cause, can do tremendous damage to the most trusted and established of brands.

Think of your brand as your home. Even if you were able to bring your “dream home” to fruition and lived in the palace you had imagined all your life, you would hardly leave the windows open when nobody was home or make it obvious you had left for a two-week vacation. In addition to securely locking windows and doors when the house was empty and at nighttime and taking basic steps like canceling newspaper and mail deliveries when you went away for an extended period of time, you might well invest in alarm systems, 24-hour security services, a guard dog, etc. You need to apply the same vigilance to the security of your brand image and reputation.


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