By accentuating their natural skills and strengths, leaders can stand out and put themselves on the fast track for senior-level leadership roles that will enable them to achieve all of their hopes, goals, and dreams.

The alternative is to become a “generic” leader, a basic manager who does not stand out in any way. In today’s fast-paced and ultracompetitive economy, generic leaders are rapidly on their way to becoming extinct — “average” is the new unemployed and good is the new average. By following the principles of Fresh PASSION, a methodology I created of developing a personal brand that leads to exponential personal, professional, and economic success, you can learn how to become great, and therefore put yourself in a position to obtain a senior leadership position that will deliver maximum personal, professional, and economic success.

Companies, organizations, and customers all expect more from their everyday employees, and particularly from their leaders. They want an experience that is more value-adding than the competition and fulfills a particular need, want, or desire.

So if they see you as a “generic” leader, you’re in trouble. You’ve seen generic brands, the “no-name” products that usually sit low on the supermarket shelves. For the most part they’re not that different from the costlier name brands that are placed directly at eye level and are often made by the very same companies! But generic products typically sit on the shelves for a long period of time, only picked up by someone looking for a short-term bargain. People expect to and do pay less for generic!

Guess what? People can be generic, too. In today’s competitive world, you’re either a distinct and competitive brand or an extinct generic. In order to prosper as a senior leader you must become a distinct and competitive personal brand.

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