Are you satisfied that you have truly identified your aspiration and taken the necessary steps to make it a reality? Take your pulse and see how far you’ve really come. Answer each question using the following scale of one to five hearts, and find out exactly how close you are to reaching your aspiration!

5 ♥♥♥♥♥ Strongly agree That’s really, really true about me.
4 ♥♥♥♥ Agree That would be me.
3 ♥♥♥ Somewhat agree 50/50 sometimes, sometimes not.
2 ♥♥ Disagree That absolutely has nothing to do
with me.
1 ♥ Strongly disagree Let me take the fifth on this.

What’s Your Pulse Rate?

6.5 Questions Measuring How You Define Your Aspiration
___1. I have identified an aspiration that accurately reflects where I would like to take my career and my life.
___2. My Branding Board of Advisers is aware of my aspiration and I have solicited their feedback.
___3. My aspiration aligns with my perfect day and there are no significant gaps between the two.
___4. I have the passion necessary to achieve my aspiration.
___5. I have the skills necessary to achieve my aspiration.
___6. I have the determination necessary to achieve my aspiration.
___6.5 I have written my aspiration down in more than one place so I am constantly reminded of it.


Now that you’ve taken the test, let’s analyze your score:
• 7–13: Your aspiration is a pipe dream. You may have fantasies about having a great career or richly rewarding personal life, but have made no efforts to make them come true or even to see if they really represent what you want in life.
• 14–20: Your aspiration is a distant hope. You probably have some firm idea of what you would like to accomplish, but aren’t making a real attempt to go out and do it.
• 21–26: Your aspiration is outside, looking in. You know what you want and have taken some basic steps to get it. Maybe you know someone important in the field. You’re probably at the stage where you’re “looking into” achieving your aspiration. And when you’re looking into something, it usually means you have an outside
vantage point.
• 27–33: Your aspiration is a realistic goal. You have followed most or all of the 6.5 steps to achieving your aspiration and have a credible shot at making it happen someday. Remember there is a difference between going through the motions and putting your heart into something!
• 34–35: Your aspiration is a reality. You have fully integrated your aspiration into all aspects of your life and have made it your number-one daily priority. You have probably not achieved it yet, but you are on a clear path and have already passed several key milestones. You understand that goals are there to be met and surpassed, not held as an ideal.


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