In this Economic Tsunami it’s more important than ever that you are fresh and relevant.  You don’t want to have pay phone skills in a smart phone world.  Let’s take your pulse and measure the health of your freshness efforts.   Answer each question using the following scale of one to five hearts. Then add up the total and see how “heart-healthy” your level of fresh really is!


5 ♥♥♥♥♥ Strongly agree That’s really, really true about me.

4 ♥♥♥♥ Agree That would be me.

3 ♥♥♥ Somewhat agree 50/50 sometimes, sometimes not.

2 ♥♥ Disagree That absolutely has nothing to do

with me.

1 ♥ Strongly disagree Let me take the fifth on this.

What’s Your Pulse Rate?

6.5 Questions Measuring How You Achieve Freshness

____  1. My friends and colleagues come to me for the most up-to-date information.

____  2. If you are looking for fresh ideas, I am the one.

____  3. My current skill set is the most competitive out of anyone I may come up against

for a job and/or promotion.

____  4. I am aware of the latest technology that can help me personally and professionally.

____  5. When my friends and colleagues want a fresh perspective or strategy, I am the first

person they call.

____  6. The last book I read was one that was published within the last 12 months.

____  6.5 My resume is current, up-to-date, and competitive.

____  Total

Now that you’ve taken the test, let’s analyze your score:


• 7–13: Your freshness is expired. You know what that means: nobody wants to purchase your brand and you’ll soon be taken off the shelf.

• 14–20: Your freshness is day-old. There is minimal demand for your personal brand, but only at a steep discount and when the more popular and competitive brands are all sold out.

• 21–26: Your freshness is canned. Your brand will sell if it stays on the shelf long enough, but anyone seeking real fresh results will look elsewhere.

• 27–33: Your freshness is fresh frozen. Your brand is a respectable choice for the discerning connoisseur, but not the top choice.

• 34–35: Your freshness is market fresh. Congratulations! You have the brand that is most in demand and fetches the highest prices. You sell out early in the morning, when only the most competitive shoppers are out evaluating the available brands.


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