·       In order to remain adequately focused on the things that matter most in life, you need to eliminate the distraction and stress caused by unnecessary debt and spending.

·       Many of us find ourselves financially overextended or desperately trying to fill a void in our lives through spending.

·       All of this adds stress and pulls us away from achieving what really makes us happy.

·       Let’s first focus on controlling the spending that leads us to debt:

o   Create a budget based on your income, living expenses, and savings.

o   If you want something, like a new outfit or a vacation, save up until you have enough to purchase it outright; don’t go into debt on nonessentials.

o   Make sure you have a savings safety net for unplanned expenses, like medical costs or home repairs.

o   If you are using shopping as a means to make yourself feel better, seek out some help to get to the real issues behind this behavior.

·       Get rid of your existing debt by taking the following steps:

o   Stop adding to it immediately.

o   Look to your budget (created earlier) and add a debt-repayment plan into the equation; you should still save some money for emergency use, but any extra money you have should go to paying down your debts as quickly as possible.

o   Calculate how long it will take you to get out of debt with your current repayment plan and mark your calendar as a means to stay motivated.

o   If you start earning more, use those extra earnings to pay down your debt at a faster rate.

o   Seek professional help if you are overwhelmed with large debts and feel helpless or hopeless.

o   Once you pay off your debts, celebrate! You deserve to treat yourself. Just don’t use a credit card to pay for it!

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