• Walk into any elementary classroom and you will find some system in place to help the children keep themselves on track.

  • They may earn computer or recess time for achieving goals and may give up this time when they get off track.

  • We can use this same idea to hold ourselves accountable for achieving (or missing) our objectives or goals.

  • Below are some ideas for holding yourself accountable when you miss the mark and for rewarding yourself when you reach achievement markers:

    • Any time you miss any portion of the goals/objectives/tasks on a monthly timeline (for more on monthly timelines, see my book, Fresh PASSION):

      • Put $10 in a charity jar and donate the money each quarter to your selected charity.

      • Put $20 in a professional development fund and use the money to learn from your mistakes and improve your skill set.

      • Start a running record of your misses, and when you reach a predetermined number (say, five) you will have to do something you don’t particularly enjoy, like clean out the garage.

    • Each time you completely achieve the goals/objectives/tasks on your monthly timeline:

      • Put $5 in your “Made it Happen” jar and use these funds to reward yourself.

      • Put $20 in your “Dress for Success” jar and use these funds to buy something new to wear to work.

      • Start a running record of each time you achieve all your monthly goals, and when you reach a predetermined number (say, five or six) you get to reward yourself with a three-day weekend, agenda-free!

  • What strategies do you use to hold yourself accountable for reaching your goals? Share your ideas in the comments section


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