Become a Distinct Brand or Extinct Generic

The one universal concern many college students have is, will the college experience help them land a “good” job after graduation? The litmus test for a successful college matriculation is graduating into a “meaningful” and financially, professionally and personally rewarding career. Yes, this is possible even in the current recession, but highly unlikely if our students continue to graduate as “generics” who have done little or nothing to distinguish themselves.

We have all been weathering an “economic tsunami” for the past several years, and although it appears the worst part of the storm is behind us, the seas have hardly calmed. The unemployment rate for 20-24 year olds hovers around 13% – the underemployment number is more than double. It was documented in May 2012 that more than 50% of college graduates lacked full time employment. Companies and organizations are still in pain (they want to deliver exponential growth to the top and bottom line) but they are only willing to invest in a fresh and proven branded product (YOU) with a track record of delivering results- if you are not in this category you will not be the sought after solution provider.

In today’s competitive, roller coaster world, you’re either a distinct and competitive brand or an extinct generic. In order to survive, prosper and achieve great success you must become a distinct and competitive personal brand (yes, you need to become a personal brand). It is when you develop this brand that you will be able to deliver the experience that people are willing to invest the time and money it takes to recruit, hire, promote train and pay an employee in a high-skill, high-wage job.

There are still great opportunities for graduates to prevent a graduation into poverty by mastering the formula 4P’s + 3W + 1FP and standing out. Failing to master this formula will render you generic and receiving anemic to no attention, opportunities or investment. The proven formula to standing out and be the chosen solution provider is 4P’s + 3W + 1FP. Check out this powerful video to get the formula that has prevented thousands from graduating into poverty.


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