There are still great opportunities for unemployed and underemployed individuals to improve their personal, professional and economic situation by mastering the formula 4P’s + 3W + 1FP and standing out.   Failing to master this formula will render you generic and receiving anemic to no attention, opportunities or investment.  The proven formula to standing out and be the chosen solution provider is 4P’s + 3W + 1FP.

The 4P’s

  • Product – Prepare yourself for a new/better job through professional development (continued education, research, networking, and so forth).  Ensuring you have a branded product (you) that is fresh and relevant for today’s marketplace and or customers.
  • Price: Sell your value to prospective/current employers – it’s not about how great you are, but how great you can make the person or entity purchasing your branded product.  Not knowing and successfully selling your value with conviction can result in a Ramen Noodle compensation package.
  • Placement: Aspire for the right job – to truly build a brand and a rewarding career, you need to select jobs that you can be passionate about and one that helps you reach your goals and dreams.  Cleary understand the market and company you want to work in and place your branded product (you).  Remember selling great beef at a vegetarian convention is useless.
  • Promotion:  Devise a plan to get the word out about the great you – your branded product.  Be sure to promote your brand in places, environment or events where the prospective buyers are most present.

The 3 W’s

Now that you understand the critical 4P’s that are needed to begin erasing unemployment and underemployment by becoming a branded product– let’s answer the critical question – how do I begin to create and or enhance by brand?  The solution for accomplishing this is the 3W’s

  • Who – Who is my target audience?  What company or organization do I want to work for?  Who are my target customers?  Do I really know my current employer?
  • What- Now figure out what the needs, wants, desires, aspirations, strategies and goals of your target audience.  What are there pain points?   What does success look like for the company or organization?
  • Why- Why me?  What am I am able to competitively do to solve their problems and pains?  What am I able to do that will deliver a return greater than anyone else?  Why should they hire and invest in me and what will they get in return?

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