• If you become successful, and there is no reason you won’t if you follow the Fresh PASSION methodology, you are going to be a very, very busy person.
  • You have to step back from your work regularly to recharge your batteries.
  • Some ways to recharge include
    • Exercise (running, walking, weight lifting, cardio classes, etc.)
    • Time with friends over a meal or happy hour
    • Going to the movies or doing another activity that is purely for entertainment
    • Spending a weekend away with your spouse or significant other
    • Taking an annual vacation with your family or by yourself
    • Meditating, practicing yoga, or just dedicating time to reflection
  • I refer to the place or activity you use to unwind and relax as your “focus sanctuary.” You can have many as you want; it just has to be a place or activity that brings you peace of mind and allows you to simultaneously get away from your aspiration for a little while and refocus on it with a new, recharged attitude.
  • What do you do to recharge? How often do you go there or do that activity?


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