·       Many people write a daily or weekly to-do list.

·       This strategy is useful to help you remember what you need to get done to meet deadlines or maintain proper productivity in your job.

·       If you want to move beyond checking off tasks and duties and get into reaching goals and accomplishing your dreams, you should try working with a daily focus list instead.

·       Reaching your aspirations is something you need to be constantly thinking about and acting upon.

·       A focus list is a useful tool in making sure that happens.

·       As you build your daily focus list, keep the following tips in mind:

o   Only include items that will bring you closer to achieving your goals or aspirations.

o   Read and think about your focus list at the beginning of the day as a way of setting your mind to complete each item.

o   Allot ample time to accomplish each item on your list.

o   Include concrete steps and strategies you will take for each one.

§  For example, if one of your items is “Reach out to former manager,” include why you are doing it, what you hope to accomplish, what method you will use, and how you will frame the request.

o   Look at each item on your list and consider whether completing it will bring you closer to reaching your aspirations. If the answer is no, remove that item from your list. It’s not worth your time.

o   Review your list at the end of the day and carry over any items that were not completed to your list for the next day.

o   Build in break times for a quick walk around your office or for a snack. These breaks are essential to keeping you energized and ready to focus on your goals.

Include a reasonable reward at the end of the day for your efforts. Watch a movie with your better half, go for a swim at the neighborhood pool, or take a long bath—whatever you find relaxing and rewarding. You deserve it!


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