• Last week we discussed meaningful job hunting.
  • This week we will talk about how you can get and nail the interview for your next meaningful job.
  • Especially in a tough job market like we are experiencing now, competition is fierce for every position.
  • In order to get an interview, you have to find a way to separate yourself from your competition.
  • Below are a few tips on differentiating yourself in a crowded field:
    • Be quick: Respond to the job posting as soon as it is posted; to do this you need to be on top of job boards in your field.
    • Be explicit: Tell the potential employer exactly how you meet the criteria for the job.
    • Be brief: Hiring managers will be flooded with responses; keep your initial application short and to the point.
    • Be creative: Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through or to do something very different than a standard cover letter and résumé, as long as it aligns with the industry in which you work (i.e. a video résumé for a job that involves presenting, or marketing collateral about yourself for a marketing position).
    • Be persistent: Follow up early and regularly, but not in an annoying way; you want to keep your name in the hiring manager’s mind and make it clear that you are interested.
  • Once you get the interview, you need to make sure you do well in it.
    • Be prepared: Do your homework about the company and the position; know as much as you can before you walk in and be ready to talk about it.
    • Be inquisitive: Prepare meaningful questions in advance and aske them in the interview. It goes without saying that you should not ask about money right away; save that for follow-up interviews.
    • Be direct: Tell them why you are a strong candidate for the job by linking your skills and experience to the skills and experience they are looking for.
    • Be confident: Give firm handshakes, make eye contact, speak with authority; you are selling yourself here, so you have to believe in yourself.
    • Be appreciative: Thank them for the opportunity and follow up with a handwritten thank-you card.
  • Any tips for readers on getting or nailing a job interview? Share your ideas in the comments section.


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