·       In the current economic climate, many people find themselves looking for a job.

·       You may be tempted to grab the first job offer that comes your direction, even if it does not line up well with your long-term aspirations.

·       I have personally found myself in this position, looking for any job that would pay more than I was currently making rather than looking for a meaningful position that would help me continue working toward my aspiration of managing large groups of people.

·       If you are currently unemployed, you are in a more vulnerable position, and it will be even more difficult to stay the course toward your long-term goals.

·       There are several problems with casting a wide net and taking whatever job you can get:

o   Your résumé and background will not support most of the positions you are applying for.

o   Your attitude toward your job search will be sour, and that attitude will come through in your interviews.

o   You will waste lots of valuable career time searching for and working in jobs that do not meet any of your career goals.

·       When looking for jobs, honestly ask yourself if landing a particular job would help you reach your long-term career goals.

·       If the answer is no, move on and try something else.

  • Join me next time to get some pointers on getting and nailing the interview for your next meaningful, career-enhancing job.


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