·       Self-confidence is a key component of a successful personal brand.

·       Your self-confidence, or lack thereof, impacts your brand in many ways.

·       Self-confidence—positive impacts:

o   If you exude self-confidence, you make great first impressions on those you meet, which goes a long way in helping you immediately establish your personal brand among professional peers and superiors.

o   Self-confidence equips you to handle challenges and adversity, which will make you a standout among your less confident peers.

o   Self-confidence makes it easier to establish credibility in professional settings, which can make negotiations, new business generation, and problem solving easier.

·       Lack of self-confidence—negative impacts:

o   Making a poor first impression can kill your shot at a new position and at closing a business deal.

o   Your ambitions may be diminished if you don’t believe you have what it takes to earn a certain level of achievement or accomplishment.

o   You may fall into self-blame when you face adversity, and that blame will thwart your desire to rise above the competition and earn recognition.

Without the proper level of self-confidence, you will not be able to establish a personal brand that will move you up the ranks and help you achieve your aspirations.


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