Michael D. Brown developed a customer service process (6.5 Fresh Steps to World-Class Customer Service) that during the past 15 years has been credited with reengineering and enhancing the customer service strategy and experience for a number of small, mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies, including Marriott, Macaroni Grill, U.S. Army, Wendy’s, Omni Hotels, Houston Rockets, Capital One, Wells Fargo, Greater Houston Partnership, Jason’s Deli, Amoco Oil Company, ARCO Oil Company, Murphy Oil USA—The Wal-Mart Project, British Petroleum, and a number of colleges and universities. Michael was ranked in the top 5 percent among high-performing leaders and coaches in leading Global Fortune 500 companies. He is a globally recognized authority on customer service leadership for developing this customer service strategy that delivers to the frontline and three levels up in the user’s organization. This work was later turned into the best-selling book Fresh Customer Service—Treat the employee as #1 and the customer as #2 and you will get customers for life. He is also the author of Fresh Passion – Get A Brand or Die A Generic.

Michael’s success story is even more impressive considering his humble roots. Growing up as one of 10 siblings with a widowed mother in Holmes County, Mississippi, statistically among the poorest counties in the United States, Michael early on resolved to break the cycle of poverty and dead-end jobs that plagued so many of his friends, neighbors, and relatives. Starting with a job as a low-paid handyman and housecleaner for a verbally, mentally, and physically abusive boss at the age of nine, Michael quickly learned the importance of satisfying the customer and always doing the best possible job and having a brand of excellence, regardless of the circumstances.

He went from been supported by welfare to starting his own highly profitable candy-selling business (generating about $40 a day and quickly blossoming into a $300 to $400 a day business) in high school to support himself and the family, and then he worked his way through Jackson State University with a job as a cook at a fast-food restaurant, where he cut the average wait time at the drive-through window almost in half, achieve record sales, and received multiple raises within six months—but was not initially allowed to work directly with customers in the front of the house because of the “unwritten” rules. Despite this action, Michael continued to deliver greater results than all of his co-workers and stayed focused on delivering excellent results. After months of begging to work in the front of the restaurant, he was given a “trial shift,” which turned into a night of customers raving about his superior customer service and leaving over a dozen positive comment cards.

After graduating, Michael, who holds a BBA in management and an MBA in global management from Jackson State, embarked on a highly successful executive career where he consistently boosted profits and employee morale at companies in the hotel, food and beverage, oil and gas, and retail industries. It is this unique perspective and know-how gleaned from his upbringing that makes Michael a sought after speaker, career and management consultant, and the leading authority on delivering fresh results.

With a track record of delivering double-digit top- and bottom-line growth to his clients, Michael is able to take a problem and look at it five to seven levels deep, allowing the delivery of strategies and solutions that are detailed, yet simple, and impactful while focusing on the overall strategies and sustainability of the achieved growth. He has a unique ability to break down the complex strategies and processes into a simple and executable strategy that can be delivered with passion and conviction by the frontline at every step of the value chain.

Michael’s expertise in revamping how companies provide world-class customer service and establish a market-leading brand has led him to assisting individuals in creating personal brands that allow them to achieve otherwise unattainable levels of personal and professional success. He is recognized for this best-in-class coaching strategy that yields consistent results.

Michael has motivated and helped thousands of entrepreneurs, military personnel, individuals, college students, graduates, small business owners, and entrepreneurs move from a stage of generic mediocrity to an exciting place where they become successful personal brands that yields exponential personal economic and professional success. His signature work Fresh Passion: Get a Brand or Die a Generic is the catalyst for helping individuals make the transformation and achieving world-class success.

Michael’s ultimate message is this: Without a personal brand, you don’t have a career—you only have a job. When you are a “generic” individual, there is only so far you can go in a given job, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re replaced. If you develop a dynamic personal brand, however, you differentiate yourself from your competitors and become a force to be reckoned with. Nothing will keep you from personal, economic, and professional success.


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