key to branding



·       Keeping your brand fresh and updated is the key to getting hired and promoted, and to increasing your pay.

·       What do I mean by keeping your brand fresh?

·       Keep up with the times.

o   RSS feeds, industry newsletters, technology, etc.

·       Spend time sharpening your skills.

o   Pursue professional development opportunities, seek a mentor, ask for feedback, etc.

·       Develop a new set of skills and attributes that will deliver an outstanding ROI.

o   Make yourself available to other departments, look for classes or seminars that will teach you new skills applicable to your current job and the one you want to grow into next.

·       Package yourself well.

o   Personal appearance, business card, logo, etc.

·       Continue to invest in your personal brand.

o   Never consider your branding efforts to be done; know that you will always be refining your brand.

·       Maintain a competitive edge.

o   By doing all of the above you will have an edge over your competition.

  • Next time, I’ll give you a simple routine you can implement into your daily routine to keep your brand fresh.


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