• A major component of my Fresh PASSION methodology for personal branding is aspiration.
  • Today I’m going to share how I define aspiration and steps you can take to find yours.
  • Aspiration, as defined in my book Fresh PASSION, is really a two-part entity: it is something that must be found and then realized.
  • In order to find your aspiration, consider the following questions:
    • What am I passionate about?
    • What skills do I have that can be used to attain the thing I am passionate about?
    • Am I determined to make this happen?
  • The potent combination of passion, skills, and determination makes up your aspiration.
  • Passion: You aspire to do something you truly love, not something you think will lead to wealth or an easy work schedule.
  • Skills: You have all the capabilities, both innate and learned, needed to make your aspiration come true.
  • Determination: You have the tough, focused mindset necessary to fully commit yourself to achieving your aspiration, even when the odds are stacked against you.
  • Going through this process will help you fully flesh out everything you want to accomplish with your life. You can narrow down your aspiration to something that will truly bring you happiness and keep you motivated to succeed.
  • How does this all link to your brand? Knowing your aspiration will allow you to tailor your brand to that aspiration.


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