Your Perfect Day: Finding and Living It Through Fresh PASSION



  • In implementing the principles of Fresh PASSION in my own personal and professional life, I have built a personal brand that has allowed me to enjoy a tremendous amount of personal and professional success.
  • One of the ways I define that success is by living something close to what I would consider my perfect day.
  • Imagine how your typical day would proceed if you were able to realize every major personal and professional goal you hold and had full control over every aspect of your life.
  • Once you create this image of your perfect day, you have a concrete target at which to aim your brand-building efforts.
  • Some questions to consider in creating your perfect day are:
    • What does your family look like?
    • What’s your financial picture?
    • What are you doing professionally?
    • What does your personal life look like?
    • Are you an entrepreneur?
    • Are you working in a corporation?
    • Where do you vacation?
    • Add as many additional questions as you see fit.
  • Going through this exercise is a valuable way to narrow your focus and achieve the goals you have set for yourself.
  • What does your perfect day look like? Work out the details on my free form here.


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