Whether it’s Starbucks, Nike or the Java Hut at the corner, just about every company has its own specialized brand these days. The way Michael D. Brown sees it, it’s time you had your own as well.

The author believes the “power of the brand” — in this case your own personal brand — can help you land that dream job, win a coveted promotion, or move from a dead-end job to one of fulfillment.
By branding, Mr. Brown means emphasizing the personal qualities and skills that make you stand out, the things you can do better than anyone else, and how they can deliver for your prospective employer or your new boss.

Just as there’s little variation in a Big Mac (so well branded we don’t even have to mention the maker), personal brands must be consistent so that people know what to expect and demonstrate a proven track record of delivering results, he said.

After all, a Big Mac is delicious every time, right?

The last thing you want to be, he said, is a “generic.”

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