• It is very rare that people succeed without support and input from people around them.
  • You don’t have to and shouldn’t “go it alone” in building your brand; rather, you should identify and recruit people who will help you make it happen.
  • I call this group of people your “Branding Board of Advisors.”
  • You will call on this group to advise you, guide you, be frank and honest with you, and lift you up when things get difficult.
  • They will be an invaluable resource and support system as you refine and build your personal brand.
  • Below are some useful tips on choosing your own Branding Board of Advisors.
    • Seek out branded experts, especially ones who have achieved success in the areas in which you are aspiring to compete.
    • Make sure they are smarter than you are. If you are always the smartest person in the room, you’re not feeding your success—you’re feeding your ego and going nowhere.
    • Get a commitment—ask them if they can be passionate about your success, believe in you, understand your brand, and be willing to give unselfishly.
    • Ask them what you can give in return. This is possibly the most crucial building block for your board. You must be genuinely willing to provide an equal commitment to anyone who joins your board.
    • Don’t be afraid to make changes to your board if you feel like you are not staying fresh and growing with them.


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