Over the past few years I’ve had a lot of fruitful discussions, (forgive the pun), regarding personal branding. Do you have a personal brand? If so, is it separate from your professional brand? How do you define it? How do you ensure you consistently exuding the essence of your brand?

In Fresh Passion: Get a Brand or Die a Generic author Michael D. Brown states that you must create a personal brand to be competitive in your career and in business. Throughout the book he lays out his passionate approach to establishing your personal brand, peppered with notable quotables from successful people who’ve achieved stellar personal brands such as Oprah, Donald Trump and Stephen King. They all serve as inspiration as does the story of Michael D. Brown himself.

I appreciate the approach Michael takes to his own career. I’ve found that the most successful business people I know understand what it means to hustle. And hustle Michael does. Whether he’s overcoming challenges moving up the corporate ladder or managing a sounding board of advisors who oversee his own personal brand, Michael does with it an incredible amount of laser-focused energy.

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