• If you are in college or recently graduated, you have undoubtedly been given the advice to turn to your professional network when the time comes to job hunt.
  • You may be unsure of where to start or what steps to take to create and grow that network; today I will share some tips on doing just that.
  • Tools/LinkedIn: Social media has changed the networking landscape, particularly LinkedIn.
    • Many people rely on their LinkedIn network for referrals, introductions, reviews, and references, all of which come in handy when you are looking for a job.
    • If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, get one today and make connections with anyone you have worked with or studied with in your professional life so far.
    • Anyone you deal with professionally should be added to your LinkedIn network, even if your contact with them was short; you are trying to grow your network, so add people constantly.
  • Tools/Address Book: Create an official contact in your email address for anyone you deal with, and put as much information in there as you can gather.
    • You want to be able to find the contact information for these people easily, so make a record and fill it out as completely as possible.
  • Strategy/Focus on Growth
    • Think about all the people you encounter on a daily basis; grab a business card or search for them on LinkedIn if there is any chance you can call on them professionally in the future.
  • Strategy/Cast a Wide Net
    • Don’t be limiting in who you add to your network; you never know when you may need to talk to someone in an industry completely separate from your own, and you never know when you may change career paths.
  • Strategy/Ask for Help
    • Don’t be afraid to ask someone in your network to introduce you to someone who’s currently outside your network. This is business, and people will be happy to connect you to someone who can help; you are opening doors for them just as much as you are for yourself.
  • Your network will continue to grow and serve you as you proceed down your career path; focus on growing and caring for it, and it will flourish and serve you well.


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