We hear a lot about personal branding these days but in Fresh Passion, Michael D. Brown takes the sometimes vague concept and breaks it into a series of easily digestible action items. The subtitle of the book is “get a brand or die a generic” and Brown believes that having a brand is important to executives as well as entrepreneurs.

Before you can perfect your brand you need to be certain about who you are, what you want, and what you can achieve. Do you have the necessary skills and determination? Are your goals aspirational and yet obtainable? What is your perfect day at work like? Brown walks his readers through a series of questions designed to bring focus and clarity.

When it comes to developing your brand, the instructions are similar to those a new company might take. Brown recommends getting a board of “brand” advisors that can advise you in specific areas. He also uses checklists with assignments and check-ins for accountability and recommends scheduling conference calls with yourself. He is a fan of elaborate plans and checklists, all designed to get the reader to better run corporation you. He sees a job interview is a form of customer service.

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