Pretty soon you will be able to pay to wait in line at Airport Security.

According to an article that appeared in USA today on Thursday
TSA considers reservations for airport security. The Transportation Security Administration is exploring whether it can guarantee a short wait at checkpoints with a reservation system aimed at enticing travelers to go through security at off-peak times.

Here is how they think this will work:

1. Customers will pay a fee

2. Computers that help set flight schedules could be used to give travelers five- to 10-minute windows for arriving at checkpoints.

3. Travelers reserving checkpoint slots probably would have to arrive earlier than usual, perhaps by as little as 20 to 30 minutes

So now customers need to pay for better service? Is this the answer?

Or does the TSA need to add more staff during peak time?

I say that they add more staff, not charge customers for a slot in the line.

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