What’s really going on at JFK Airport? This is the second disaster that has occurred in the past month or so.

This time it wasn’t Jet Blue but The Royal Air Maroc and several other planes that were stuck for hours. The Royal Air Maroc plane circled the airport at ground level for about 14 hours, with PASSENGERS ON BOARD. The plane was de-iced twice and the second time it was stuck behind a broken down airplane in the de-icing station.

We all realize that we have little control over Mother Nature. But I am beginning to believe that there is one systematic problem that should be looked into. All of the recent incidents seem to have chaos and a lack of people resources at the core of the problem. It behooves the airline industry and the airport management team to work together to devise a more robust and defined contingency plan for inclement weather conditions. The customers and front line employees shouldn’t have to be subjected to this level of chaos.

Early kudos to Jet Blue for been proactive with the customer’s bill of rights and cancelling many of their flights prior to the storm hitting New York.

Michael D. Brown

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