Networking allows you to create a personal brand for yourself. After all, you are marketing and trading your expertise, position, and knowledge for the same offered by others around you. Creating a strong personal brand can take years of effort and contribution.

But, when it comes down to it, how do you determine if your brand is strong enough to make people want to join your network?

The following pointers will help:

1. You Thrive On Maximum Interaction

For you, communication is key. You interact, communicate, and respond to every question, problem, or request thrown your way. Your communication encourages your followers to do the same and promote you as a strong and valuable contact.

2. You Are Getting More Than You’re Giving

Because you’ve made it a point to be available for your network whenever they need you, you’ve reached a point where your two-way street of networking is driving organic traffic. Most of it will be coming your way as the ones you’ve helped along the way start returning the favor.

3. Your Followers Turn to You for Professional Help and Advice

You’ve kept a tradition of prompt replies, worthy solutions, and valuable advice. Your followers find it easier to approach you for their issues. They place trust and confidence in your knowledge and expertise. You can’t ask for more. When people are coming to you, then you have a good brand on your shoulders.

4. You Have Focus and Direction

You are not posting and tweeting everything you find. You focus on keeping your topics and ideas relevant. You want to make sure everything with your name on it is directed at a specific audience – your network. Your social media topics are authentic and valuable to the intended users.

5. You’re Always Thinking Of Collective Progress

You take the time to publish useful, high-quality content for your followers to benefit. You are investing time and money in resources and tools that can help you improve your brand activities, and maintain your position in the industry. That does not go unseen by your followers.

6. You’re Widely Recommended

It is one thing to be recognized by new people in the industry, but when people on the same, or higher, level of expertise recommend and recognize you as a brand – that’s a completely different level of achievement. It means you’re on the right track.

6.5. Keep Improving

It is great to have people looking up to you; trying to connect with you – but you need to remind yourself that this is just the beginning. Achieving a strong personal brand is easier than maintaining it over the long run. This is why it is important to consistently improve your personal brand. Here’s what you can do to maintain it:

  • Be humble. It’s crucial to admit that you’re not an expert at everything, and it’s all right to ask help from others when needed – even if it’s someone you have been mentoring from the beginning.

  • Don’t wait for others to come to you. Reach out to others. Reaching out to help others can give you good exposure and promote your reputation as a people person.

  • Establish yourself as an authority on subjects you are most passionate and knowledgeable. You can take on public speaking engagements or develop content (blog) to help others in the industry learn from your expertise on the matter.

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