Keeping Customers Happy

As a bitter reality, a hundred good customer reviews do not make the headlines but only one poor review could devastate your successfully growing business.

Chipotle has recently been in the news for its customer services. The poor customer reviews have dropped its recommendation scores by 17 points at YouGov BrandIndex. Chipotle was hovering at 84 recommended score before. Different customer queries brought important issues to light including the rude behavior of customer service representatives, unhygienic service, and such, which resulted in this downfall. According to a recent Bloomberg’s report, Chipotle’s sales have decreased by $10.3 million in the last quarter due to various cases of food poisoning, most of them occurred with Burrito buyers. Chipotle’s  slow reaction to this issue deepened the decline in it’s financial performance and brand reputation.

Here are some secret weapons to avoid customer service failure like Chipotle and keep your loyal customers happy.

Communicate Genuinely and Rightly

Loyal customers are the assets of a brand. According to the Forrester research, around 64% of the brands receive average or poor feedback from their customers. Another report claims that 37% of the customers are willing to pay extra for better customer services. This means that with poor customer services, your business may lose 37% of the customers.

The brands need to listen and evaluate the customer needs in order to address them. It is equally important for the customer service representatives and brands to accommodate the customer needs.

Genuine communication refers to utilizing all the types of resources to communicate with your customers at the right time. Attending events and exhibitions, quickly responding to customers’ queries on social media, and respecting your customers are a few tips to communicate genuinely with the customers.

Value them to the Point of Satisfaction

The brands lose their loyal customers when the customers become dissatisfied. When you lose a loyal customer, one brick of your business’s success is taken down. Therefore, it is highly important to keep your customers satisfied to retain them. There are two ways to achieve satisfaction.

  1. Resolve the problem to satisfy the customer
  2. Keep the customer hooked up until the problem is resolved

Add Personal Touch to Every Relation

Adding a personal touch makes the customers feel valued. For this, you need to communicate with the customers often and associate with them in a variety of ways. For example, send them cards on important events like birthdays and Christmas. Offer deals on special days like Mother’s Day.

Do Not Over-Promise

As explained earlier, you need to reach the point of satisfaction to retain the loyal customers. If you set the targets too high, the customers’ satisfactory needs will also rise up to that level. Be rationaland set realistic expectations only.

Show Gratitude

A positive attitude of the business towards customers is one of the important building blocks of long-term relationships. Your positive attitude includes:

  • Responsible problem resolution
  • Expression of customer value

The latter type includes saying thank you, expressing kindness, and expressing gratitude that makes the customers valued and establishes long-term relations.

Equip your brand and customer service representatives with these weapons to retain your loyal customers, establish positive brand reputation, and expand your business and customer base.

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