We all have a personal brand within our organization. Our personal brand is the set of values, work ethics, and personality traits associated with you in the perspective of others. We all have a brand while we are on-duty. We cannot be who we are in our free time while we are in office so we create a personality which fits better in office cultures. Sometimes the image we create ends up making us stagnate in our office. Promotions might go by, news might miss you, and you will be wondering what went wrong. If you are feeling that you are not considered competitive within your company look at the 5 ways you can tell for sure if it is happening.

1) You don’t get Problems to Solve Anymore

You might love the fact that your job is stress free since your work is simplified but complexity of work is often the best sign of people thinking you are competitive. When you are the best in the company you are assigned the toughest work. The better you are the worse issues you will be dealing with. When things go really bad the upper management always finds the person they trust the most to fix things. If you haven’t been given any such problems to solve in a long time it might be time to seek why.

2) You are no Longer in the Loop

When you are considered competitive you will know what is going on in the office. Even people who are not in an executive or upper management position often know about upcoming changes. This is because most managers confide in the employees they trust the most. If a big change occurs at your office and it appears that you were one of the few people who did not know the change was going to happen it is a bad sign.

3) People Check in on You

If you are asked many follow up questions about the tasks assigned to you it may be a sign that upper management might not have their full trust in you. When upper managers are worried that someone might not be fully up to the task they will check in on progress again and again. Do note that it is possible that the person asking too many questions might just be a micro manager.

4) Your Increments have slowed down

This is the biggest sign that there has been a change in perception about you. If the company is doing just as well as it was doing last year but the increase in your salary is less that it was last year. This means the company no longer has as much of a positive image of you as it did the last year.

5) You don’t get improvement projects

What was the last change you led in the office? When was the last time you were asked to take an initiative to improve the quality or productivity level of the people around you? When upper management thinks your personal brand is great they want to focus on you as the leader. They will give you committees, projects, meetings, and more in order to promote the type of attitude you have.

Note that while these show that your personal brand is not as competitive as it once was, you will only experience these if you were once competitive. The fact that you are still employed means that people still have faith in you. You just need to rework your brand and show some initiative to change your perception.

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