Twitter gives people the opportunity to officially follow your Twitter profile, meaning your tweets automatically show up in their Twitter newsfeed. However handy little tools called hashtags (the “#” symbol on your keyboard) enable your tweets to be seen by anyone searching for information on a specific topic.

For example, let’s say you are trying to establish yourself as a branded real estate expert. By sending out tweets on the subject with the hashtag #realestate, anyone in the world searching Twitter for tweets about real estate could potentially see it. Depending on the specifics of your message, you could also include relevant hashtags like #construction or “housing. In any case, there is no better vehicle to literally let the world know about your expertise, at no cost.


Twitter users have options to show that they appreciate your message. These include retweeting your tweet, or rebroadcasting your tweet on their own account, marking your tweet as a favorite, and directly replying to your tweet with words of agreement or encouragement.

Thus you can effectively use Twitter to build a base of social media advocates who support and spread the message of your brand, amplifying your audience, reputation and appeal. If you get things started by asking friends, relatives, and professional and personal contacts to “show love” to some of your tweets, I’ll never tell anyone.

Also it is good practice to return the favor. Don’t hesitate to retweet, favorite, or reply with words of support to tweets that you find inspirational. Follow Twitter users who post messages you agree with and admire.

And keep your Twitter messages positive. If you spread negativity and criticism, you can bet some of it will come back in your direction. If your Twitter account is positive and above reproach, even if someone does post negative things about you, they won’t stick.



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