1. Volunteer. While you’re trying to attract paying job offers, show off your abilities and help a worthy cause by volunteering. Participating in volunteer activities is a great form of networking, and someone on a volunteer board who is impressed by your efforts just may have a job opening they haven’t publicized. Plus let’s be honest, you should do at least a little volunteering anyway!
  2. Participate in professional organizations. Almost any profession has one and probably many professional organizations associated with it. These organizations usually have meetings, events, committees and other efforts that allow you to connect and work side-by-side with other professionals in your chosen field. Separate from more general networking and volunteering efforts, involvement in professional organizations is a critical step toward letting prime potential decision makers (with high paying job offers) know who you are and how much value you offer.
  3. Ask for references. You know the old piece of advice, “If you want something, ask for it?” It’s old because it always has been and always will be true. No matter how great a job you do for someone, they are not likely to tell other people about it unless you politely ask them to do so. Keep in mind that conversely, people love to immediately spread the word when someone does a poor job.

6.5 Stay active. This last fresh “half-step” is a simple reminder that attracting high paying job offers in a recession requires constant energy and activity. You cannot slack or make a half-hearted effort. Staying active in your efforts is the key to making sure your other six steps pay off. Think of it like following through on a baseball swing – no matter how well you swing the bat or connect with the ball, failing to follow through will result in a single or even pop fly instead of a home run!


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