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We all want beautiful things in our lives to continue forever. Sadly, this is not always possible. You can lose that beautiful job of yours, but does that mean your whole world is crashing down? Definitely not.

managing job loss

Statistically, over 3.5% of people in the United States are unemployed. That is quite a hefty number considering there are over 327 million people in the US. Being among this number doesn’t sound cool for sure.

Aside from the intellectual sophistication of being a top professional, there is the psychological side as well. How mentally resilient are you to the shocking debacle of being laid off, how do you respond?

Accept the loss

One of the first steps in recovering from the devastation of a job loss is ACCEPTING THE LOSS. You will struggle to move on if you don’t adequately digest the reality of the job loss. Don’t run away from the hurt; look it in the eye and swallow it.

managing job loss

If possibly the job loss was from a fault of yours, sieve the lessons and add them to your repository of knowledge in preparation for the next job you get. Once bitten, twice shy it is popularly said. In the situation where it was more a general lay off and mass downsizing, well and good. Life goes on, doesn’t it?

Live life!

How crazy does this sound? You just lost a good job and are supposed to be drowning in misery.  But don’t forget that there is so much beautiful world ahead of you. Be positive enough to see the gleaming big picture. So long you are ready for it, one lost job is an avenue for a bigger one.

managing job loss

Many people make the mistake of resorting to self-destructive habits for succor in situations of job loss. Alcohol, drug abuse, smoking…the list keeps swelling miserably. This is the worst it can do. Whatever relief such habits give you, be assured it is expensively ephemeral with even far greater consequences.  Definitely, not a good bargain.

Enjoy life, make memories, and share beautiful moments with your loved ones. Here is something we are forgetting: eat great meals!

Build your network

This is something many people ignore. Being unemployed is an excellent opportunity to enhance and expand your network. Meet new people and establish fresh (and helpful) connections.

Attend conferences and seminars as to your industry and even externally. Go for targeted outdoor events. The world we live in is such a small world. You could need these acquaintances sometime later.

Get more sophisticated

The fact that you lost your job doesn’t necessarily mean you should sleep in the cinema all day or play fortnite all through the month. The time a job loss offers you can be better spent arming yourself intellectually and expanding your skill set. Learn more capacities and make yourself more employable, commercial, and competitive.

There are a plethora of online courses and certifications you can readily access within this window of opportunity and consolidate your repertoire. In this century, competition in the job market has never been more combative.

managing job loss

The last thing you want to do is hawk the same common skills abundantly strewn across the job market about. If you ever manage to get a job, the chances are high it will be a low paying job.

In all, these are ways to beat the gloom that escorts a job loss. Follow these steps and smile more. You will be surely grateful your previous employers axed you!



There is a massive difference between being arrogant and knowing your worth – they are light years apart. Knowing your worth is less about being extravagantly pompous and more about having a polished appraisal of yourself. Here the emphasis is on appreciating your rarity.

knowing your worth

If there is any place you shouldn’t dare risk genericness or being commonplace, it is in your career life. Ordinariness as a class is already overpopulated and densely congested. There are millions of people snuck up in the generic class who are very convenient with “getting lost in the crowd’ and drifting recklessly with the tides.

This is why you should strive to bring something new to the table. How are your employers going to notice your peculiarity when you are just a “characteristic clone” of your colleagues? Just that everyday guy in the office whose job millions of people can do.

It is of course embarrassingly fantastical to carry yourself about royally in an aristocratic gait — in the confidence of your uniqueness — if your results don’t speak for you. While it is good having a handsome impression of yourself – this impression can’t just be foisted on people. People have to see for themselves that you are special. You don’t have to hold them at gunpoint and coerce them into declaring you extraordinary.\

knowing your worth

There are fewer ways to let your gleaming extraordinariness saturate your workplace than by achieving exceeding results. Is your boss asking for 12 new leads or customers? How about delivering 18? Are your employers expecting 7% growth from your end? How about giving them 15%? More never hurts, does it?

Knowing your worth involves having a rebellious discomfort for staying within the confines of convention. Knowing your worth is having a gluttonous appetite for the extraordinary. Being very well aware that you can’t do just like that normal guy.

Why? Simply because you are not that normal guy!

Across my career, I have enjoyed aggressively accelerated career growth because I have a curious keenness for being “strange”. I wanted to be Michael D Brown, and no one else! Of the billions stacked up in the planet — I loved Michael D Brown. Do you get my point? I’m a “patent” — a unique being, so when I come into the scene, there is no way you are seeing “two” of me there!

knowing your worth

The rarer you are, the more expensive and valued you become. Gold is more expensive than sand, not necessarily because gold is more beautiful than sand but because gold is more UNCOMMON than sand. Come on, be proud to be uncommon!

I have seen many great potentials amputated because they felt convenience with being OKAY. They hit a nice job, and they think that is the best they can ever get. No, THERE IS MORE! More above!

In most cases, extraordinariness can be consciously developed and accumulated. You mustn’t be born an Einstein, with an IQ of 400 and building rockets straight from your mother’s womb. I have seen sparsely talented guys become icons in their careers because they delibertaely honed themselves and built their repertoire of skills.

Know your worth and stop feeling at peace with being common.