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Have you been facing trouble trying to connect with your network lately?

Networking is a two-way street. When someone in your network asks, “What can I do for you?” What they really mean is “What can you do for me?” Networks build value on the mutual benefits its members can extend to each other. Without mutual benefit, there is little reason to carry on with this self-marketing strategy.

If it has been a long time since you connected with anyone in your network, there’s a possibility your network finds less value in networking with you – likely because you are networking with them.

So, how do you find out if you are a poor networker? Check out the following clues that might tell you that you should focus on your networking skills.

1. People in Your Network Never Return Your Calls

It happens quite often – you call someone in your network and get no response. You try calling their business number, and their assistant responds he/she will forward the message. But, do you receive a callback? NO! The person may be avoiding you.

2. People in Your Network Have Been “Busy”

You bump into a person at a networking event. Obviously, they can’t feign being unavailable while at the event, so they come up with the most commonly used excuse, “I’m so sorry for not returning your calls. I’m swamped at work since my promotion.” Sure, this happens. However, if it happens frequently, with many people in your network you should take this as a sign.

3. You No Longer Feel Inspired

None of your contacts seem enthusiastic or pumped up about anything, not even a potential business prospect. Are you to blame? Or, did people in your network collectively figure out that you don’t have much to offer?

4. People in Your Network Do Not Pay Attention

You’re at a business event, with your “network friends,” discussing an opportunity you may have. But, no one is interested. Client “A” was yawning, “C” and “D,” think it isn’t really that great, and “B” has constantly been eyeing another potential contact – red flags!

5. People in Your Network Make New Friends, but Don’t Introduce You

You are with your networking buddies, and they’re talking about this person they know, but you don’t. Why haven’t they introduced you to him? While not introducing you may have been an oversight, if they make no attempt, you might consider this a clue.

6. You Find It Difficult to Create Opportunities

You’ve activated several of your contacts in an attempt to find and create better prospects for growth and success for your business. But, you haven’t heard from them since. Should you be worried? Possibly. If you have not received a response, then your business ideas may not be considered a value to your network.

6.5 Go Ahead and Add Value to Your Network

Don’t wait for things to improve; immediately get to work. This may seem like a monumental task upfront, but you can break it down into three simple benchmarks.

  • Reach Out. Start giving. Try and help the people around you and in your network to lay stronger, more meaningful foundations for genuine relationships. Connect those people who can add value to each other’s professional lives.

  • Mentor. There will always be industry newbies looking for guidance. Take them under your wing and nurture them with your experience. This investment will pay off in the long run.

  • Make Valuable Contributions. Share your experience, pool of contacts, and knowledge. Become a central source of worthy contributions and see how that makes you valuable to others.


A strong personal brand is something that would follow you wherever you are. It will assist you in making new connections and finding the right employment if you are searching for better career opportunities. It would assist you in joining a conversation as an authority if you are looking for more sales. Lead generation and trust would also benefit greatly if you are aiming to boost the visibility of your company. Since your personal brand is partly based on your personality, most of the work has been done for you already.

All the major elements associated with personal branding, including consistency, authority, and professionalism, pale in front of the most crucial element – visibility. If you don’t have much visibility, your brand wouldn’t be able to gain enough momentum to grow significantly, even if it has all the other major elements. However, if you enhance your visibility but the brand isn’t impressive enough, it won’t do you much good. It is essential to create a strong brand and then start showing it off to enhance its visibility.

So, before you go about showing off your brand, you must make it strong enough to impress people. The Fresh Passion® methodology can be utilized to create a strong personal brand. Here are the 8 essential attitudes and skills that are crucial for you to create a strong personal brand:

  1. Prepare Yourself

The best way to prepare yourself is to stay updated about the latest techniques and information about your industry. It is wise to continue on educating yourself through attending relevant classes, seminars, and workshops for enhanced professional development.

  1. Aspire To Accomplish Your Goals

Goal setting is important to be able to pursue your ambitions and aspirations. Setting realistic and achievable goals will motivate your to keep on working hard to achieve them.

  1. Stay Laser-Focused

Focusing on your aims and goals will help you in reaching your mark and creating an impressive personal brand.

  1. Sell Your Value

It is also essential for you to understand your return on investment. You must have full confidence in your abilities and potential while being on a constant lookout for new and better opportunities which will help you in improving those abilities and potential.

  1. Rejuvenate Yourself

You must have the discipline and tenacity to go that extra mile in order to secure your professional and personal success.

  1. Omit the Negativity

Hurdles and problems are bound to happen, but what is more important is to learn from those problems without dwelling on them. Don’t let those bad experiences consume your valuable time; there is a lot more in store for you. Let such experiences serve as learning ones instead and move on.

  1. Nail Your Brand

Make your personal brand fresh and energetic in order to compete and win externally and internally. This will help you in achieving exponential professional and personal growth.

  1. Keep It ‘Fresh’

It is also significant that you make your personal brand unique and fresh in order to stand out from the crowd.

It is necessary in today’s highly competitive world that you become either a competitive and distinct brand, or end up as a generic and subsequently extinct one. By creating a distinct brand you would successfully be able to offer experience that people are willing to associate with and pay for. Once your distinct brand is created, you simply have to meet new people and write and share valuable content to become visible and you are all set to become successful.


Got 10 seconds? Feed your mind this nutritious thought and experience the exponential growth.

Got 10 seconds? Feed your mind this nutritious thought and experience the exponential growth.


Despite all the recent news about the great economic “recovery” the U.S. is experiencing, the fact remains that for most people and companies, times are still tough. Most of the profits that have been recovered since the economic meltdown of 2008-09 have gone to a select group of individuals and corporations who are reluctant to part with any of it.

For the most part, the people and companies who will potentially purchase your services or products, or give you a “high” paying job offer, are operating on a recession mentality where they only spend money when absolutely necessary. This means landing “high” paying job offers require a well-thought and executed strategy. Here are 6.5 fresh steps to making sure you attract these highly sought after and competitive high paying job offers – no matter how challenging the economic environment becomes.

  1. Become a personal brand. It is not enough to enter today’s marketplace with a certain degree, or set of skills, or list of achievements. All that is simply the required background you need to even try to compete. Winning the competition for high paying job offers means becoming a personal brand, so that as soon as people hear your name they instantly associate it with outstanding excellence in a particular area. Therefore, you must do a truly exemplary job every single time, no matter how trivial or menial the task may be, and also constantly educate yourself, sharpen your existing skills and make sure you present yourself in a completely positive and professional manner. Only then will all your skills and experience actually do anything to help you compete.
  2. Develop a particular area of expertise. While being a “jack of all trades” may seem on the surface like the best recipe to guaranteeing yourself a steady stream of high paying job offers, all it really does is ensure your name will always float around when someone wants something done fast and cheap. You don’t want to be one of those names! By all means it is worthwhile to possess an extended range of skills, but to truly stand out in a tight market, being known as a true expert in a particular area is what draws the high-value, high-paying job offers in the long run. For example, it’s OK to be a gifted salesperson who can “sell anything,” but better to be a gifted salesperson who is renowned for selling business software (or cars, or whatever other product category attracts your interest and abilities).
  3. Network, network, network. Most people award jobs, accounts, projects, etc. to someone they either know personally or are vouched for by a personal acquaintance. The fear of the unknown is a strong primal urge in humans, and it extends to the business world. Especially these days, the odds of winning employment or professional engagement through an ad listing are virtually nil. You need to get out there and meet as many people as possible, and develop personal relationships with the most valuable sources. Online social networks are a valuable new way to extend the reach of your network nationally or even globally.


Tuesday Thought

Got 10 seconds? Feed your mind this nutritious thought and experience the exponential growth.

Tuesday Thought

Got 10 seconds? Feed your mind this nutritious thought and experience the exponential growth

Got 10 seconds? Feed your mind this nutritious thought and experience the exponential growth.


Don’t Forget that Presentation Counts!

After developing the substance of your personal brand and landing it, you need to nail, package and market it to your audience (employer, group, organization).

Answer these questions: Who am I? What do I want to be? How do I want to be perceived? Most of us don’t think of ourselves as “a package,” but all of us are packages (i.e., “she is so plain, don’t depend on him he will never deliver, he is just boring”). Here is the trick; you want to make sure that you control your packaging (the look, feel, and experience) and the message that illuminates from it.

Honestly, how many times have you bought something just because of the packaging, or paid more for something because it was presented in an exciting way? That’s the main reason we want to pay less for generic – the packaging is uniformly dull. When we see a package that shouts “Energy, Invigoration, Crispy, Clean, Colorful, Beautiful, Sophisticated, Expensive, “we are willing to pay more.

In essence, good packaging helps speed the purchasing decision and leads people to pay top dollars (and that’s what you want your packaging to do right?). Packaging is how you express your personality. So think about how you want to be perceived, what’ competitive edge you want your packaging to send.

Remember, the way you decide to package your unique brand should be evident in everything that you do and attach your name to, the way you walk, the way your talk, the way you dress, the content and appearance of your resume/cover letter, your award winning interview.

Also remember, the market can spot a phony a mile away! Your brand needs to reflect your core substance. Build your brand around your genuine strengths, not the ones you think the market wants to pay a lot of money for right now. You will always do better in the long run by being yourself, both in business and in life.

Here is a brief healthcare-related analogy to help illustrate exactly what “nailing the brand” means. Imagine you have been through the laborious and painstaking process of “getting in shape,” including efforts like watching your diet, regularly visiting the gym, scheduling appointments with a personal trainer, running every day, etc. Do you declare yourself 100% fit before checking your weight, cholesterol level, heart rate, body fat percentage, body mass index, and generally ensuring you have healthy appearance and demeanor?

Most fitness enthusiasts agree it would be foolish to skimp at the very end of a getting in shape process, since quitting when you may still have a few extra pounds to shed or are deficient in certain vitamins will set you up for years of subpar health to come. Your brand is like your physical shape; don’t slack off when you are almost done. Also remember that like your overall health and fitness, a brand needs constant maintenance and upkeep – “Nailing the brand” is really a continuing process!


Got 10 seconds? Feed your mind this nutritious thought and experience the exponential growth