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Got 10 seconds? Feed your mind this nutritious thought and experience the exponential growth.

Got 10 seconds? Feed your mind this nutritious thought and experience the exponential growth.

healthEven as the job market has slowly been recovering, many highly intelligent, experienced and qualified people still find themselves unemployed. The job market is historically tight, companies are loathe to hire any employee they do not absolutely have to, and in many cases having skills and experience can leave a candidate out of consideration due to being “overqualified.”

However, even in this difficult environment, if you find yourself unemployed, you don’t have to stay that way. By taking a fresh approach to how you present and prepare yourself for your job search, you can find quality employment that will put you back on the path to exponential personal and professional success. Take the following 6.5 steps, with the .5 as an extra “half-step” to ensure maximum freshness.

  1. Freshen Your Skills. As mentioned above, companies that are skittish about a highly qualified candidate who will require too much money or leave as soon as something better comes along will sometimes reject them on the grounds of being “overqualified.” However, by focusing on developing a “fresh” set of skills that employers desperately need, rather than acquiring flashy or “impressive” skills that demand a high salary in theory but have few practical applications in reality, you can make yourself irresistible to a prospective employer. In today’s market, think about skills like programming, data analysis, and social media marketing.
  2. Freshen Your Network. The phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is overstated, but contains more than a kernel of truth. While you generally need to be qualified to get a job, there also are generally more qualified people than there are job openings. Thus employers usually prefer to narrow the field of candidates by selecting people that they know, or can be vouched for by someone they know. Maintaining an active and growing network of professional and personal contacts is absolutely vital. This means both keeping valuable relationships active and developing new relationships. Attend professional events and seminars, go to your high school, college and grad school reunions, and take full advantage of social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook.
  3. Freshen Your Education. This step is different than freshening your skills. Learning a new skill can often be accomplished on the job or through personal research, but freshening your education means obtaining credits, certificates and diplomas through accredited institutions. As opposed to focusing on a single skill area, freshening your education allows you to strengthen your knowledge in a whole field of expertise. As with skills, focus on educational areas that will give you knowledge and capabilities employers in your field of interest will find irresistible.


Got 10 seconds? Feed your mind this nutritious thought and experience the exponential growth.

Got 10 seconds? Feed your mind this nutritious thought and experience the exponential growth.

Got 10 seconds? Feed your mind this nutritious thought and experience the exponential growth.



Omit the Negative from Your Life and Career and feel the difference


To test how effectively you maintain brand health by omitting negativity, rate how strongly you agree that each of the following fresh statements applies to you today from 1-5, with 1 equaling strongly disagree and 5 equaling strongly agree. For this particular test, the lower the score, the better!


How Healthy Is Your Response to Negativity?

1. I find myself spending a lot of time worrying about negative things that were said about me.

2. I internalize 40% or more of the negative feedback that people say about me.

3. If you want to stop me dead in my tracks, just give me negative feedback.

4. I learn very little from negative feedback.

5. I don’t know how to extract the positive out of negative feedback and use it to strengthen myself.

6. I often times elect to do something fun and pleasurable even when I know I should be working on something that will bring me a greater degree of success.

6.5. I crumble very easily under pressure.


Now that you’ve taken the test, let’s analyze your openness to negativity:

If you scored from 29 to 35, you are wide open. You are extremely sensitive to the opinions and judgments of others and are constantly second-guessing yourself for fear of doing something that will bring criticism. As long as you carry this self-defeating attitude, you will not be able to build a successful brand or achieve your aspirations. You need to start strengthening your resolve and following the steps to omitting negativity before you find your career on life support.

If you scored from 21 to 28, you are mostly open. You are not completely dominated by negativity in the way a wide open colleague is, and probably function in a fairly positive manner if you are not facing any outright negativity. But once negative people and influences appear, you quickly come under their sway. Negativity instinctively senses and pursues its most vulnerable targets, so you probably encounter it often.

If you scored from 14 to 20, you are halfway open. You have managed to remove yourself from the run-of-the-mill negativity that most of us encounter on a regular basis. You do not allow yourself to become snared or distracted by offhand comments and petty political maneuverings. serious negativity, the type that damages lives and ruins careers if left unchecked, can still find you. You have taken some good first steps, but do not assume you are now safe. You still have plenty of work to do.

If you scored from 9 to 13, you are slightly open. You are just barely open, making it extremely difficult for negativity to get through. But negativity can still force its way into your life by a determined adversary, indicating that you find it hard to resist occasionally glimpsing at negativity and letting it invade your thoughts. Like most things that are bad for us, negativity holds a peculiar attraction. Resist it – there are much better ways to spend your precious spare time than focusing on negativity!

If you scored a 7 or 8, you are completely closed, meaning you’re truly omitting negativity from your life and career. You have erected complete defenses against negativity and are impenetrable to the intrusion of negativity, unless you choose to open yourself to it. The lack of any type of involuntary openness indicates that you have learned to ignore the dangerous allure of negativity and instead put it completely out of your life. You have truly omitted negativity, bringing you one major step closer to building the best possible brand and achieving all of your aspirations.



Got 10 seconds? Feed your mind this nutritious thought and experience the exponential growth.


Omit the Negative from Your Life and Career and feel the difference


I don’t need to tell you that negativity surrounds you in this world. Even emanating from your friends, family and colleagues, it is all around. Your responsibility is to not waste your precious time and resources dealing with negativity. Remember, you are building a foundation that will lead to a stellar job or career with opportunities for enhancement, a thriving business, a new venture, or perhaps even the chance to be your own boss. Omitting the negative will be an extremely useful skill that you should carry with you throughout your professional and personal life.

When you encounter a negative experience – learn from it. Don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on it, you don’t need to let it consume valuable real estate in your head; you have so much more ahead of you.

Of course, you must realize that there will inevitably be negatives that come your way, and omitting them will not always be an easy task. In particular, you will have to successfully deal with the dreaded “P4” – Pain, Pleasure, Pressure and Persecution. On this journey to personal and professional success you will have to deal with these four major obstacles and your challenge will be to not let any of this derail you. P4’s have a strong potential to have a negative impact, and the way in which you tackle and overcome these potential derailments is critical to your obtaining and sustaining success.

Remember, you must go through each aspect of P4 to learn from them, but don’t let them lead you, consume you or cause you to lose focus. You will need to omit these potential negatives both proactively and reactively. Find the lessons that all this negativity can teach you and use them to write the next successful chapter. Do it right, and pretty soon you will be experiencing exponential personal and professional success.

Think about omitting the negative in healthcare terms for a moment. Obviously, allowing yourself to become consumed with negative thoughts and attitudes is detrimental to mental health. Excessive focus on negative thoughts and emotions can lead to stress, exhaustion, and even addiction and depression, which as sadly illustrated by the recent untimely death of comedian Robin Williams can have fatal consequences. And don’t forget how tightly connected the mind and body are – a mind dominated by negativity will produce physical problems ranging from problems with digestion and posture to more serious ailments and diseases. Your brand health suffers as much as your physical health from negativity, and omitting it is just as important for a healthy career as it is for a healthy life.

Got 10 seconds? Feed your mind this nutritious thought and experience the exponential growth